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Two Step is a fast-paced Texas thriller in which the lives of James, a directionless college dropout, and Webb, a career criminal with his back against the wall, violently collide.


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Release: Jul 31, 2015

IMDb: 7.0

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Two Step full movie review - Underrated Film: "Two Step" (2014)

In this Texas thriller we follow the character of James, a college dropout with no family, and Webb, a con who just got released from prison and has a debt to pay.

The film starts off with James(Skyy Moore) coming home from college to come to his grandma's house to find her in the middle of a stroke and eventually die in the hospital. James meets with his grandmother's lawyer (Brady Coleman), who tells him that he has $85,000 of inheritance money and his grandmother's house and belongings. What can possibly go wrong? While at the same time Webb(James Landry Hébert), is released from prison and heads home to find his girlfriend Amy(Ashley Spillers), leave him and runs off with his $50,000. At the same time the neighbor next-door Dot(Beth Broderick), who teaches the 'two step' to school kids befriends James. Webb is met by his "boss" Duane(Jason Douglas), and finds out that he owes him $10,000 because Duane's been looking out for Webb while he was in prison. With a steep debt to pay Webb decides to do what he does best to get the money he owes. And so these two characters (Webb and James) intersect in each others lives that will change their lives forever.

"Two Step" is the directorial debut of Texas native Alex R. Johnson. The film premiered at the SXSW 2014 Film Festival, where it was met with positive critical acclaim. Sadly the film had a very minimal theatrical release in the middle of 2015, and will most likely not come out on DVD, or Blu-ray. It's a shame that the film didn't get the distribution that it deserved since it proved to be one of the best films of the year. (In my opinion it's my #1 film of 2015) Most people have never heard of this film due to the lack of distribution it had; I was fortunate enough to have amazon prime and was able to see this masterpiece and share it with my loving mother.

"Two Step" in my words is "Fargo in Texas", and I don't think I'm far off. You can see that Johnson was definitely inspired by the Coen Brothers , because it has that Coen Brothers vibe to it from the characters to the humor and to the violence. All the acting in the movie is amazing, there's no dull performance, or moment in the film. James Landry Hébert, as Webb, completely sold me, he had without a doubt the best performance of the entire film. Skyy Moore gives a boasting performance as James, and Jason Douglass (who's on The Walking Dead) gives a great performance as a gas n' go manager and part time criminal.

"Two Step" is a gripping movie that has you on the edge of your seat wondering what can possibly happen next. All the actors in the film are not major league actors which I love and I can't wait to see what they'll do next, especially Hébert. Alex R. Johnson is a new talent to look out for in the future and I can't wait to see what he'll do next. If you have amazon prime definitely check out "Two Step", it will be worth your while.

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