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Uncaged 2016 full movie online free

After nights of sleepwalking, a troubled teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister truth.


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Release: Feb 06, 2016

IMDb: 3.7

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Uncaged full movie review - *** Spoiler Alert ***

For a 'no-budget film', this was actually far better than I was expecting. The acting was good, but not stellar. The premise, while not fresh, was handled well. And for the small budget this film would have had, it was done well. That being said, I have three issues with the film.

The main issue is with the reactions of the characters. Jake has one blackout episode and immediately assumes he is a werewolf. Jake tells his cousin, Brandon, that he is a werewolf and Brandon says "okay' and just takes it at face value. Jake sees his cousin laying on the floor of the garage and covers his crotch before he goes to check on him and keeps it covered the entire time his cousin is dying. Rose asks Jake to kill her husband, Gonzo, and he says sure and just goes with it. Rose watches Jake dispatch Gonzo and his two henchmen and continues over to Jake's house for safety. Jake's uncle invites him to his cabin to see if he has the werewolf gene and then disappears instead of helping the kid. When Turner finds the GoPro case with blood on it, he automatically assumes something nefarious had happened.

If someone blacked out and woke up naked somewhere else, normal people would not automatically assume they are a werewolf. If someone said they were a werewolf, normal people would laugh and take it as a joke until they proved otherwise. If a person woke up to see their cousin laying dead or dying on the floor, the last thing on their mind would be to hide their twigs and berries before rushing to his aide and then keeping them covered while that cousin died. If someone asked a person to kill their spouse, normal people would go to the police or, at the least, bow out and keep their distance from that person. If anyone watched a person change into a werewolf and dispatch three men, the last place they would go to for safety would be the werewolf's house. If the uncle was truly concerned about Jake having the gene, he would have stuck around and helped him out, not left him hanging in the wind. And if Turner was such a great friend, he would look to a nose bleed, a cut on Jake's hand or some such, before going to murderer as an explanation for the blood. Plain and simple, these people do not react the way normal people would react.

The second big issue is with the transformation Jake goes through. The first two times he blacks out, he wakes up completely naked. The final time, he remains in his clothes and they are still on him the next morning, without being ripped up. How do they get ripped to shreds twice and then remain intact the final time?

The final issue is with the side stories in the film. The story lines with Gonzo the drug-dealer, Kyle and Crystal, and Rose's dog, muddle the story instead of adding to it. They could have edited those down or out completely and had a much better film.

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