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Uncanny Valley 2015 full movie online free

In the slums of the future, VR junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away.


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Release: Dec 01, 2015

IMDb: 7.5

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Uncanny Valley full movie review - VR - The drug of choice

I really loved the way this short film delivers its message. The dystopian world with the exploitation of people who don't fit into 'normal' society. The documentary feel is broken up with the totally immersive game-play scenes.

Unlike other people in the YouTube comments section, I don't think this film needs to be expanded into a full movie. The director and producer managed to get their intended point across very effectively in my opinion. Perhaps some people wanted a better understanding of why the character chose to break out of the game-play limits. That could have been better managed by having the 'ghost' hack him while he was still in the first world. Then we'd understand why he would chose to break off from his unit and explore further, ultimately discovering what they were really being made to do.

I'm currently writing a novel about a man who lives in a dystopian near-future world. He is desperate to remain in a VR simulation to escape his crappy life. This is why I searched for this type of stimulation to draw inspiration from, and it was perfect for my needs.

These imaginings are also pertinent as a comment about our governments and other powerful corporations who are likely to monetise and utilise their citizens as a resource, whether we agree to being used and abused or not.

All up I give this fantastic work my highest mark of 9 stars.

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