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Unfriended 2015 full movie online free

While video chatting one night, six high school friends receive a Skype message from a classmate who killed herself exactly one year ago. A first they think it's a prank, but when the girl starts revealing the friends' darkest secrets, they realize they are dealing with something out of this world, something that wants them dead. Told entirely from a young girl's computer desktop, Unfriended redefines 'found footage' for a new generation of teens.


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Release: Apr 17, 2015

IMDb: 5.7

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Unfriended full movie review - I'm going to have to unfriend you, movie. You're not that good.

Before seeing this movie, you would think an entire movie taking place on a single computer screen on a character's laptop would seem kinda appealing in how surreal and unique, it looks.

However, all shifting windows, via of YouTube videos, Spotify music, Facebook photos, text messages, web browsers, and characters appearing and disappearing through Skype chats, really got old, fast. It's only been, a few years since this movie, came out, and it's already seems dated. After seeing this found footage movie, I can say, this movie directed by Leo Gabriadzae and written by Nelson Greaves, really bytes! I was really disappointed by it. Not only is the computer gimmick, really run dry after a few moments into the film, but the over-used of digital video glitching, lagging, out-of-sync audio and blurry/dark imageries made this film, somewhat unwatchable. It's so bad that I felt like this, this movie needs to be Ctrl-Alt-Del! I really couldn't stand, looking at the screen, any longer. Not only that, but the movie really goes really quiet, at bits, during a lot of the browsing scenes. It's seem, way disconnected from the Skype chats. You would think, her Skype buddies would be, speaking to the main character, high schooler Blaire Lily (Shelley Hennig) at the same time, as she's looking up, information, but I guess the writers, never heard of the Skype function, where people can chat, while surfing the web. I also have to say, the movie doesn't know, anything about computer loading. Smaller jpg pictures & shorter YouTube videos shouldn't take longer to load than bigger photos & longer videos. These folks must not be computer-savvy. Anyways, besides all the computer mistakes; at its core, Unfriended is pretty generic. It's just another variation on the old horror slasher clichés of the 1980/1990s, with mischievous teenagers paying the ultimate price at the hands of a supernatural killer. This time, it's the ghost of Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman), a girl that commit suicide, because of their bullying. I really have to question, what truly is her powers is; I get that she has the power to haunt them, throughout the internet and their computer screens, but she also has the power to possessed them to kill themselves. Like honestly, was there any hope for any of these people to come out, alive in the end, against a supernatural force that has powers like that? Forces like that, makes the movie really hard to watch, if none of the characters had any hope in surviving, but I don't understand, why none of the characters, just destroy their computers when the video distortion and stalking starts to happen. That's seem like a rational idea, not to die. Anyways, it's not like I wanted any of the characters to survive; because I found all of them, to be so obnoxious, annoying and unpleasant with their self-centered actions, whining, yelling and screeching. Not even, the ghost of Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman) was likable. I have mixed feelings about the movie message about cyber-bullying. While, I champion in, saying it's wrong to bully people. I really don't like how the movie, felt like the ghost of Laura Barns had the right to bullying the bullies in the afterlife. It doesn't seem right. It gives off, a mixed message for kids, looking for a solution to bullying. Its worst, to think about it, when she wasn't that good of a person, when she was alive, bullying others, either. She comes across as just as horrible as the main characters. In the end, there was nobody worth cheering for; because how unbearable, all of them, were. Since I really didn't care for any of them, I really couldn't wait for the film to end. This was a really bad sign. Like 2002's Feardotcom, bad sign. Sadly, like that movie, this movie was also not that scary. There is little to no suspense build up to some of the deaths. Even, if there was, the movie really fails to give us, any good thrills. A good example is the scene, where the ghost of Laura Barns hide a camera in somebody's room. It's come off, as more odd, than scary. I get that the movie was going for that 'unknown is scarier' routine, but this film doesn't give enough to elicit that kind of response. Not only that, but the jump scares, they used in this film are pretty lame. Another problem is the movie's death scenes. Since the movie's deaths are only glimpses of cartoony violence, it's also not that impactful. It doesn't really freak you out, as much as it should had. Also, some of the trailer's deaths that they show in the marketing, didn't really happen in the movie such as somebody getting hit by a car and another someone jumping off a building. The only death, I can say, I was kinda disturb about, is Laura Barns, because it look so real. It's remind me of the real-life death of 14 year old Brigit Lorena Gonzalez, in a way. It's somewhat offensive. I also didn't like, how the film was delay. It was supposed to come out, 2013, but the movie couldn't find a studio to put it in theaters, until 2015. Since then, the movie went through so much, working titles. However, I do have to say; Unfriended sound a little better than Offline or Cyber-natural. Those were a little too vague and too much of a spoiler. Overall: Unfriended doesn't feel like groundbreaker movie, it's a one-off teenager experiment that really fails to be entertaining. This movie wasn't a great watch for me.

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