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Vacant House 2016 full movie online free

A fugitive, an empty house, a rotting corpse. The journey begins. Cameron Matthews, a petty criminal and fugitive from the law, hides from police by taking shelter in an old dilapidated house in the middle of the city. There he discovers the rotting corpse of Bart Giordano, the owner of the house, whose death has gone unnoticed by friends and family for years. Though separated by death, the two men form an unlikely spiritual connection and help each other rebuild broken relationships in their personal lives.


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Release: Sep 19, 2016

IMDb: 2.0

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Vacant House full movie review - Well this was boring.

There is no horror here. I guess it's mostly about redemption, a battle fought on 3 fronts if I got it correctly.

I have almost nothing to say about it. It's a movie, but it could have easily been a soap opera episode, it has jail breaking, personal relationships that are wild, lots of tears, drama and so and so. I would never recommend it, and you should know exactly what you're going into.

So without spoiling it, you will find no horror, just a man trying to find a path to cleanse his soul and forgive those around him. This is it. This is the movie right there. I nearly fell asleep two times.

But! the movie is well made. For what it truly is, I think a good effort was put into it, they made the most of the budget, and those people involved in the making of Vacant House should be actually proud. They made this cute little project, and they could aim for bigger next time.


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