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The family-friendly movie explores the transformational role prayer plays in the lives of the Jordan family. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a middle-class couple who seemingly have it all – great jobs, a beautiful daughter, their dream home. But appearances can be deceiving. In reality, the Jordan’s marriage has become a war zone and their daughter is collateral damage. With the help of Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman, Elizabeth discovers she can start fighting for her family instead of against them. Through a newly energized faith, Elizabeth and Tony’s real enemy doesn’t have a prayer.


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Release: Aug 28, 2015

IMDb: 7.1

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War Room full movie review - This movie doesn't say that relationships take work and communication, but rather submitting to God and your husband, never lift a finger in order to have a happy marriage

Film starts with narration from Miss Clara, talking about her late husband and comparing an official "War Room" to praying?the war room by definition is where actual plans are made in order to fight a war.

This movie's war room is a closet where wives sit alone posting stuff up on a wall and praying God will make everything all better. Not planning on how to improve, just pray that something else will do it. This is what the old lady preaches to our main character, Elizabeth, how she should stop expressing herself and clear out her closet for some pray time. Doing that, things seem better because God intervenes from her husband cheating. Not because of free will, he didn't make the choice, but he got food poisoning.

The husband is not a good guy, period. Neglects his family, verbally abusive, ready to cheat, fudges sales numbers and steals drugs to sell on the side. Gone out of town from his family for weeks and doesn't mind. He says to his friend that if his wife were choking, he would let her die. We get no idea of what the relationship was like before this point, for the first half hour the couple only shares two scenes just fighting. I'm not routing for this marriage to work since it's obvious this marriage is dead. For the first hour, any time that they do wind up in the same room, they're arguing. Why should I care? Only reason the filmmakers expect audiences care is because the religious audience for this movie disagrees with divorce. I'm sorry, but when you're married to a scumbag, the answer might be divorce.

Forty-five minutes in, the wife goes bonkers while alone in her house to scream at the devil, not having any more of his "lies or trickery" because she finds out her husband is possibly cheating. Fully believes the devil is to blame for her crumbling marriage?not her husband being a terrible person. She tells the devil to leave and God has already won. In Jesus's name, of course?there isn't a minute that goes by that a character doesn't bring up God, Jesus or praying. Religion is not bad, but a movie shouldn't keep repeating itself like this to drill into the viewer's head the only answer is "Jesus". Not to plan, communicate, work things out, teamwork, or whatever. Just believe in Jesus. I got it the first time?but it kept going on with it and is so tedious. It doesn't feel like two people naturally bringing up their religion, it feels forced. The whole gist of the dialog is praising God over and over; if this movie were to stop sucking God's d**k, it wouldn't be good, but at least it would be less repetitive. Husband discovers his wife was onto him for almost cheating?instead of talking to her, he thinks she's crazy. Enough so, he switches food plates while not looking because he genuinely believes it's poisoned. Eventually he ends up asking for forgiveness, and they finally learn to "love" one another. Sounds like a happy ending to me?not the end. That's the halfway point. There is still an hour left of padding. It is the epilogue to a story I already didn't care about, but it's giving it to me whether I like it or not. In the last hour there are multiple tiny stories going on; husband possibly being charged for stealing drugs, double-dutch contest, selling Miss Clara's house, talking about God and that's about it. The end. Miss Clara?Think of an over-the-top, stereotypical "sassy black religious grandmother", then amp that up to eleven. She goes on forever how great believing in Jesus is. When Elizabeth avoids getting a divorce, Miss Clara goes on for a straight minute dancing around her kitchen because "God has just whooped the devil". Her obnoxious level is set so high, when a mugger comes in, I'm crossing my fingers she gets stabbed. Instead she says, "in the name of Jesus, put that knife down!" In real life, she's dead. Cut to police taking a statement and Miss Clara doing shtick with eating lots of ice cream while telling the cops they better include "in Jesus's name" in their report because not mentioning Jesus is what's wrong with America. Also, she's racist. I say this because late in the movie she mentions previously praying to spread her teachings to couples in jeopardy; when talking about this, the film cuts back to the beginning when she is standing at her husband's grave praying. However, first white couple she sees fighting and doesn't help. She waited for this black Realtor to show up at her door, which she didn't even lead on that she had marital issues, but still forces her opinions onto this random woman's life. So why did she just let that first relationship deteriorate?

I know this review will probably come across as me being "ani- Christianity". That's not the case; do I find that the preaching in this film is over bloated? Yes. But that's not the only reason why it's bad. This has terrible writing and no structure. The acting, stilted. The characters are unlikable and underdeveloped. Any "character development" here having them believe in God. They don't talk about any other interests. Their lives revolve entirely around religion. There's no chemistry between the married couple, no reason why I should care. The comedy is teeth grindingly bad; running jokes about the wife's foot odor and Miss Clara saying, "I need one of those smart phones, I can't do anything on my phone except call people. Must be a DUMB phone." The pacing is everything that you don't do in order to tell a story. You don't end your story arch an hour in and then go on with a bunch of padding. Don't see it, be a good person and actually communicate with your partner; don't just rely on God to take care of your problems.

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