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We Are Monsters 2015 full movie online free

Emma is kidnapped and imprisoned by a trio of psychopaths.

Quality: HD []

Release: May 02, 2015

IMDb: 5.5

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We Are Monsters full movie review - Why Women in Peril Make Dumb Decisions?

So. I watched this film and it seems as if a majority of these types of films have one thing in common, women who make bad decisions.

Do you ever wonder why people talk back to the screen, well, it's movies like this that shows the number of stupid times these kind of chick do dumb things. She escapes the first time and she can't keep her trap shut from all the whimpering she's doing while hiding form the bad guy. She takes off in the woods with him on her heels. She gets to the roadway only to find it blocked by a wire fence. Where does that exist in the U.S.? He captures her again and the head bad guy comes back and she berates the guy into raping her again. She escapes a second time, this time at night, and of course she passes out, typical. She wakes up the next day and she waste time by heading to the river to clean the blood off her and she gets caught AGAIN. He drags her back to the cabin and this time she fights back and gets the upper hand but instead of running off, she goes back to the cabin and gets the shotgun leaning against the couch. The main bad guy drives back up and he finds his dead friend and then he finds the girl with the shotgun and she threatens to kill him and fires off a warning shot. Look, you've been raped twice, watched another woman get her brains blown out and you want to play fair? This is not how the human condition works. You kill the guy, you don;t talk about anything. You level the weapon at him and you fire. Stop wanting to exact the same type on punishment he just doled out on you. Get it over with. Films like this are just frustrating to watch.

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