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Where to Invade Next 2015 full movie online free

Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore returns with what may be his most provocative and hilarious film yet: Moore tells the Pentagon to "stand down" — he will do the invading for America from now on.


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Release: Sep 10, 2015

IMDb: 7.0

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Where to Invade Next full movie review - brilliant.

Where to Invade Next

Brilliant. Michael Moore "invades" countries to capture ideas the U.S. needs: "for we have problems no army could solve."


Navy has only two warships.

Workers get 8 weeks paid vacation per year; couple gets another 3 weeks at marriage; an extra month's pay in December; 2-hour lunch; 5 months paid maternity leave.

Indeed, the whole world gets paid maternity leave, except Papua New Guinea and the U.S.

"We feel we are being rewarded, because the people are very committed. There's no clash between the profit of the company and the well-being of the people."?Ducati CEO Claudio Dominicali

"What's the point in being richer?"


The best place to eat in town is the school cafeteria. First-rate food, and they spend less per lunch than we do.

France pays slightly more in income and social security taxes than the U.S. does. France gets: free healthcare, free college, daycare, paid sick leave, paid maternity leave, 4 weeks paid vacation, prescriptions, nursing care, great schools, bullet trains, huge funds for arts.

People in the U.S. pay college tuition + day care fees + nursing home bills + copays + deductibles + . . . . We pay much more than the French, much of it privately-imposed taxes to enrich profiteering owners of hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical corporations.

French paychecks show itemization of where the taxes go.

For U.S. (not disclosed on paychecks), the numbers are: 01.18% food and agriculture 02.36% transportation 02.60% science 03.51% energy and environment 03.67% international affairs 06.28% education 59.57% military

France teaches true sex ed in high school. Many U.S. states "teach abstinence". U.S. has far higher rates of sexually-transmitted diseases, and of teen pregnancy, than in France, Germany, and Switzerland.


#1 in education, without sacrificing kids' childhoods. No teaching to the test. Music, art, cooking, woodshop, sewing, nature walks. Teaching is based on what the kids want for their future.

It is illegal in Finland to set up a school and charge tuition. Rich parents have to make sure the public schools are great. And by making the rich kids go to school with everyone else, they grow up with those other kids as friends. And when they become wealthy adults they have to think twice before they screw them over.

All schools in Finland are equally good. No one has to shop for a school.

Many Finnish education ideas were initially American ideas.


Essentially free college, as it is in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Panama, Sweden, Tunisia, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Even Americans can come to Slovenia and get free college educations (100 classes taught in English). Americans who couldn't afford community college in the U.S., who would be crushed by debt in a U.S. college.

European plans to charge college tuition were met with massive protests: college remains essentially free.


Still has a thriving middle class. Still has factories. Factories have windows. Corporations are run by a supervisory board, 50% of which is workers. "Give people a say, they help the company to win." Workers don't have second or third jobs.

In the German universal healthcare system, a stressed-out German can get a prescription for a free 3-week stay at a spa. "It's cheaper to prevent worse sickness."

Germany teaches its high school students about the holocaust. U.S. education downplays the genocide inflicted on Native Americans, and the horrors of slavery.


Decriminalized drugs; universal free healthcare provides treatment for addictions. Drug use has gone down.

In the U.S. the "war on drugs" is an excuse to imprison millions of blacks, who work in prison for 23 cents an hour for corporations. Modern slavery. And they permanently lose their voting rights. In Portugal, prisoners vote. No capital punishment.


Rehabilitative prisons. No capital punishment. Maximum sentence 21 years. Prison guards don't carry guns. Nor do police. 4 guards, 115 prisoners, in a minimum-security prison, including murderers, rapists, robbers.

In the U.S., 80% of ex-prisoners are rearrested within 5 years. In Norway, it's 20%.


World leader in stem cell research.


Voting age 16.


Majority of parliament is women.


Free government funded women's health clinics, including abortion, legal since 1973. 24 reproductive health centers. Mostly contraception. Family planning helps women be equal.

People's uprising toppled dictator in January 2011.

New Islamist party had most seats in legislature, did not want women's rights written into constitution. Women rallied, won women's rights protections in constitution. Islamists acceded, stepped down.


Oct. 24, 1975 women's strike: 90% of women did no work. No schools, banks, buses that day. When women don't work, nothing works. Ideas of women's value changed that day. 1980, Iceland first country to elect a woman president. Women have same opportunities as men. Corporate boards must be 40% to 60% women, 40% to 60% men.

In Iceland, there's a law, you can't say, "this brand is the best."

Bankers were prosecuted and imprisoned after causing the meltdown of the economy. The banks were not bailed out. The economy has recovered and is better than ever.


Although it appears that the American dream is alive everywhere except in America, the ideas these other countries are living, many of them originated in the U.S. The labor movement, women's movement, no cruel and unusual punishment, no death penalty (Michigan first government to abolish), free education: all these ideas were already ours. We've always had the power to do for ourselves what these other countries have done for themselves.

We just have to stop being such stingy bastards and realize that my prosperity and well-being depends on yours too.

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