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White Rabbit 2015 full movie online free

After three tours in Iraq, traumatized and adrift Kerryann struggles to regain her sense of purpose. Cut off from family and friends and arguing with the constant static in her head, she falls in with a corrupt cop and his Tea Party accomplice , filling her with drive and direction. Her new companions seize on her military training as the key to a big- money heist. Will she be able to assimilate into civilian life, or will her need for a mission destroy her?


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Release: Feb 13, 2015

IMDb: 4.0

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White Rabbit full movie review - Trying hard to make it to a 'B' movie level . . . *Spoiler Alert*

*SPOILER ALERT* What a whopper of a B movie at best. Scripting - okay. Lighting - okay. Set dressing - okay. All the mechanistic film making ingredients are okay but the end result is a cake that should never have been baked.

The leading lady goes from being a (very) badly PTSD disabled woman to a half wit or rather an unquestioning dimwit as the 'story' progresses as it does from one unbelievable situation to the next even more unbelievable situation.

If you want to see the absolute ultimate in clichéd corrupt cop antics do not miss this film. If you enjoy trying to make sense out of nonsense do not miss this film. If you can suspend disbelief for what, 87 minutes - do not miss this film. Otherwise save your money, time and emotional anguish and go watch some paint dry which would be entertaining compared to this (sorry writer/producer/director) rubbish.

I gave it 2 stars for the sheer number of clichés the screenwriter managed to include - I didn't think so many could possibly be crammed into a single movie.

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