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Who Gets the Dog? 2016 full movie online free

A couple going through a divorce squabble over custody of their beloved dog.


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Release: Sep 13, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Who Gets the Dog? full movie review - Pretty Darn Boring. No dog movie will ever top Marley and Me!

I like Alicia Silverstone, and she's adorable in this movie. Yet, it still was not very enjoyable for me. The acting was below average which made it very difficult for me to get into it.

Basically, the entire movie is centered around a couples breakup and their debate over "who gets the dog?" Not the title didn't already tell you that, but really, that's it! The dog gets depressed because he is recognizing the change that is occurring in his life. Although I like the presence of mean green juice (promoting a healthy diet) I just can't give this movie a high rating. It's cringe worthy. You know when the acting is really THAT bad your body cringes? Well I cringed multiple times. It would've been A LOT better as a comedy. A real comedy! One that makes you pee yourself you laugh so hard comedy. I'm not at all pleased. The ending is even worse than the movie. More and more movies are starting to end that way. A few of you might enjoy it, but if you're highly critical of the films you watch, prepare to give an extremely detailed review on how awful this film was. That is, if you watch the entire thing.

Porsche Vonne

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