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Windsor Drive 2015 full movie online free

River Miller, a mentally unstable actor haunted by the past, moves to Hollywood to start his life over, only to find his inner demons are inescapable.


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Release: Jun 26, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Windsor Drive full movie review - Windsor Drive. Taking a good look in the mirror.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize that reality is all a blur and what you thought was right isn't even close to it?

Well that's how I felt when I sat down and watched the Windsor Drive Premier at Laemmle NoHo 7 Theater in North Hollywood. The debut film by Natalie Bible' co-owner of Absinthe Productions starring Samaire Armstrong, Anna Biani, Kyan DuBois and Tommy O'Reilly, is nothing short of brilliant and though it may confuse and even upset you at times, it's one that had me question what I watched days after viewing.

Windsor Drive right out of the gates makes you feel relaxed and ready for everything it has to offer. Then out of the blue it kicks you in the junk and doesn't say sorry. No apologies needed, as I realized how much I wanted a film like this in my life. With the over saturated market flooded with bland characters, overused plots and typical looking camera angles it's hard to find a diamond in the rough. Windsor Drive is more then just a diamond though; it's an adventure, an experience that transforms your senses with every scene. It made me uncomfortable and rethinks my thought process and to be honest I was a little upset.


Natalie Bible' did not give me what I expected. She didn't give me a story that was mundane yet familiar. She didn't feed me a bunch of plot holes disrespecting me the viewer to the point of exhaustion. She didn't give me garbage wrapped up in pretty marketing design. Instead Bible's translation of the script was beautifully shot, well edited and an emotional roller-coaster that had me wanting to get in line again and again and again. Though at times Windsor Drive did feel like a long music video because every scene had music and that's usually something I dislike. Yet, realizing how strategic every little detail of Windsor Drive was to Bible' you realize that the music elevated the chaos of Tommy O'Reilly's character River Miller.

Tommy O'Reilly's gripping character River Miller is chilling and unnerving at times. O'Reilly's good looks mixed with a voice any woman would die for, any man for that matter, not only elevates the wannabe movie star character but helps keep you dialed into his story. River Miller is one messed up dude and to be honest it's someone all of us at one point of our lives can relate too. We all struggle with identity and wanting to fit in and that's why we become invested with O'Reilly's character. You want to understand his struggle, his pain, and his thoughts while maintaining a safe distance.

However, O'Reilly is not the star of Windsor Drive. Windsor Drive is the star. This film can stand-alone and will not and cannot be put into a box. I suppose if there was a genre to file Windsor Drive under it would be Documentary before Thriller/Suspense. Natalie Bible' and crew set out to create the best damn film they could and they did. It's the most honest interpretation of the drive and obsession of making it into a cutthroat business of Hollywood. Thank you for forcing us to take a deep look into what we all continue to strive for; be the popular kid on the block.

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