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Woven 2016 full movie online free

When a mysterious crime takes the life of her only brother, an Ethiopian American woman searches for the truth behind his death, while struggling to reconcile cultural expectations with her own pursuit of self-identity and love.


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Release: Jun 04, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Woven full movie review - Woven Wows

Once in a while a film comes around that simply wows you. Woven absolutely does just that. I was fortunate enough to get to experience this film at a screening in Orange County,CA.

I didn't know what a magical treat I was in for. What an incredible, beautiful and poignant labor of love I had the privilege of seeing unfold on the big screen. Woven is definitely a gem. A multifaceted, thought provoking gem. A brilliantly written, acted and directed gem. I loved the glimpses into multiple cultures and families. The depth of each character and the way the story unfolds is seamlessly Woven together by the ever so talented actor and director,Salome Mulugeta. In a time where we are bombarded by such division, this masterpiece of a movie unites. Woven will stay in your thoughts and on your heart long after the final credits roll. Find this film, Devour it. Enjoy it. You too will be wowed by Woven!

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