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Wrestling Isn't Wrestling 2015 full movie online free

A somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film by Max Landis. This production is not monetized, and not for profit. The clips used herein are used with direct reference, as critique, and the characters and situations depicted are for the purpose of satire. Yes, I know I got some things out of order. It was condensed and simplified and told from memory. Did you honestly want this to be an hour long? You didn’t. I didn’t. Let’s be real with each other. Real respects real. I respect you.


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Release: Mar 16, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Wrestling Isn't Wrestling full movie review - All you need to know about wrestling in 25 minutes

Well.. I could actually fit this in 1 minute as I don't think you need to know anything about the fake sport of Wrestling.

"Wrestling Isn't Wrestling" is a short film from about half a year ago and it was written and directed by Max Landis. I have seen his much older take on Superman as well and I must say it is fairly annoying how he is always so dull of himself apparently in all the films he directs. It's subjective perception how much you like his style where you see people say things and hear Landis' voice instead of their voice. In here he tells a quick history of wrestling and the famous wrestlers are all played by young women and voiced by Landis. And in the end it becomes fairly pretentious too. Landis is one of the rising stars in terms of writing, worked on quite a few big films recently. I have not seen them, so I cannot be a judge, but looking at his short film work I must say I am not interested at all in him as a director at least. I guess when he "only" writes, he is somewhat kept back by his director. In this one here, he seems incredibly full of himself spitting ultimate wisdom apparently all the time and it's quite a distraction from the (actually forgettable) action in here. Pretty ridiculous that this has an 8.4 rating right now. Not recommended.

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