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Young Sophie Bell 2015 full movie online free

Graduation just happened, and now it's time for adventures in Berlin with the childhood friends Sophie and Alice. But Sophie hesitates, and after an altercation, the impulsive Alice goes by herself - and mysteriously disappears. Sophie goes after her in desperation to find out what happened to Alice, which is the beginning of a painful journey from teenager to a young adult. It also is a journey into her friend's darker side, which she has hid from the rest for so long.


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Release: Jan 23, 2015

IMDb: 4.0

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Young Sophie Bell full movie review - A tale of two naive girls dreams being shattered

Amanda Adolfssons debut feature film after making some acclaimed short films is a story about the two young inseparable best friends Sophie and Alice moving to Berlin after high school graduation.

They grown up lives are finally about to begin! They look so much forward to their upcoming move to Berlin.

But then Alice suddenly and mysteriously disappears. Sophie starts searching for the answers, ending up in Berlin. This changes her life dramatically.

This is beautifully told coming of age film is high on emotion and deep-felt reality. Thecfilm is crisp and clear like a spring day, and has a very attractive fresh look. The music is very effectively woven into the story, and some scenes are really shattering due to the additional use of effective music. Still I think these moments aren't used to their full extent.

The actors are doing a great job. Sphie, played by Felice Jankell, is a find! Also her young boyfriend Arvid, is equally perfectly played by Julius Fleischanderl. It takes a great director in the making to instruct young actors like this.

Still the film struggles with the pace, due to the use of the retrospective technique - the flashbacks. The film, which starts off great is ending up very differently pointless and a bit stressed out. Dealing differently with this, this really could be a modern classic.

A film maker, and actors, to watch out for.

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