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Zombie Dollz 2015 full movie online free

A zombie-inspired comedic horror film starring Rachel Grubb and Sarah French.

Quality: HD []

Release: Jan 01, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Zombie Dollz full movie review - Watchable for the most part.

A bunch of these characters are together in their home while the zombie apocalypse befalls their town. Slowly, they are being picked off, and must find ways to survive without being infected.

Heads up. If you're a fan of serious zombie films, this isn't even close to your taste, in fact completely off the grid. This is one of those micro-budged "so horribly bad, it's funny" movies that do some of the stupidest things. The acting in this film was so atrocious, but in a funny way. The film never took itself seriously, though not being a parody - genre film, it succeeds in it's purposely funny, and completely stupid acting. The characters are literally your typical horror, clichéd character squad with nothing special at all about them, they're literally just there to be there. So without any hesitation, we could literally care less of what happens to these characters, as we literally are given nothing about them. We just watch them, and they're misadventures throughout this film. Even for the ones who are looking toward this movie as a hilarious comedy, extremely low budget zombie flick, again, not exactly the case. This film honestly lacks zombies, it's a relatively short film, but overall focuses on the characters spewing random lines back, and forth, and leaving out the zombies a bit. We get shots of random zombie attacks, but other than that, it takes almost half the film for any of the zombies to actually reach out characters.

In conclusion, this was honestly pleasing, and the only reason I say so is because this film could of taken a horrible turn, making this entire thing bad. Don't be me wrong however, this is pretty bad. But not as bad as these micro-budget films have gotten in the past. The film was pointless, and honestly stupid, sure. But it was actually funny when intended to be, offering small laughs here and there, depending on who you are. But other than that, this is your typical micro-budget horror flick that takes clichés as hard as they hit. I'd recommend this if you're bored out of your mind, but other than that, I'd say go elsewhere.

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