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Zoom 2015 full movie online free

A multi-dimensional interface between a comic book artist, a novelist, and a film director. Each lives in a separate reality but authors a story about one of the others.

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Release: Sep 15, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Zoom full movie review - Torture Song Trilogy

Loop-de-doop, that was one fantastic movie. I'm actually going to watch this again tomorrow night and maybe I'll change it to 5/5 stars. If it's even my choice?

What hooked me from the start was the always gorgeous, mostly hilarious Tyler Labine. (Stopping. For. A moment. "Mostly" means he is sometimes not required to be either funny or the comic relief, but that doesn't discount that he makes me laugh when he's allowed to be himself.) And that this was billed as a "comic-book," sometimes animated film. Sorta like a Roger Rabbit of today's time. Well. That's how it was told to me and even with that hook including Labine, I still thought: I will see it for those two aspects and probably hate it, nonetheless. Labine, as much as he makes me laugh and I lust over him, isn't known for starring in quality pictures.

I was wrong. I LOVED this movie. I loved the creative genius. I love the twists, the art direction (literally,) the acting, the pacing, the humor, the drive and the overlapping. I haven't seen an original, independent movie in a while that really pushed the boundaries. Especially the adult-themed ones. No holding back, this is 100% an adult and unapologetic film. Thank you.

Abstract as my review so far is, that's how I feel after watching this classy, carefully constructed and clever cinema experience. Lots of seas there. Let me try and explain the essence of what you'll see?hopefully spoiler-free?

The movie surrounds the watcher with three separate stories of good/bad folk in seemingly different universes and global locations. But, of course, there's a link or more so that you know that you're watching one movie.

Story 1: Sex shop lovers battle over breasts. Story 2: A Scanner Darkly sequel. Story 3: Writer's block the bad. Each one is fun within itself and the links and cuts make you want more of each.

I love a no holds barred, no studio interference vision. I see this as an imaginative force that no one stopped. For good reason. The above synopsis and all I said is probably only three percent of the great experience this is. You should know this: send the kids away, open your mind and experience real cinema that can't be bought by the major studios.

This is for film lovers. Watch it now.


Final thoughts: These were just my collected thoughts tonight. Again, I will be watching this all over again tomorrow night. This kind of pleasure of cinema only comes around every couple of years, if that and cannot be contained to just one viewing.

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