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Ace the Case: Manhattan Mystery 2016 full movie online free

While her mother is away on business, a young girl home alone with her older brother witnesses her neighbor's kidnapping. But no one believes her--not her brother, not the cops. So she takes matters into her own hands putting her life at risk to save her neighbor.


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Release: Aug 26, 2016

IMDb: 5.0

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Ace the Case: Manhattan Mystery full movie review - Twas bored out of my mind. Watching paint dry is a new thrilling experience.

Set the scene, it's a Friday night. You order a pizza, you open Apple TV and see what is on. My grandmother (called YiaYia) found this movie called 'Ace The Case' which looked semi decent, so I thought why not!

Sadly I found this to be the worst movie I have ever seen, honestly I had a head ache at the 20 minute mark. I was bored out of my mind, and the only way I can describe it is in this 100% accurate plot summary.

So on this street in NYC, there is this 9 year old girl. I cba to remember her name so we are going to call her Abbie. With her 17 year old brother. They seem to be living a happy life until suddenly and randomly her father dies. Well that was sudden. I was almost half asleep so when I saw her crying I had to ask my friend Janet for a plot update. Then it cuts to 13 months later while her mum is going out on a business trip for the weekend, and decides to leave her 17 year old son (18 in 3 months cause they kept nailing it into my head for the past 2 hours). Genius, what could go wrong? But Surprise, her brother doesn't give a sh**t and let's his sister take the dog out for a walk at 2:00am. There she sees a kidnapper kidnap a woman, who's somewhat 18, and shove her into a van and drive off. At this point I'm begging to go upstairs and watch my neighbor mow the lawn. Then she goes home and tells her brother but the stupid cow doesn't show any human emotions for this 9 year old and tells her to grow up. By the way, if this was real, whether she was lying or not the brother would have to show a sense of responsibility for his sister, because she could have been mentally traumatized. Anyway, then she goes out following this douche bag who is rocking a blonde goatee in 2016 and tells him that he dropped a $100 bill. She then runs off like a little b**tch.

Then out of F**KING NOWHERE, these 2 ugly looking characters are introduced, for some reason he is holding a giant rabbit. He is one of the freakiest and or creepiest characters ever. Then they go on (I sh**t u not) a roller coaster and throws up in a trash can. Beautiful, and we are at 49 minutes. When you are watching this film you slowly loose all of your sanity, and you can feel every minute of time scrape past you. Luckily I fell asleep and didn't have to suffer through anything else, but when I woke up the girl was tied up next to the woman and they were covered in gasoline. And the blonde goatee b*tch is going to set them on fire. At this point I hope they both die in a firey death explosion and get burned alive in the process. But no, they get freed, and they get lots of money, everyone sucks their d**ck all day long the end. Jesus that was hard

In my advice if you to watch any other movie go and watch anything, including San Andreas Fault. Honestly that is 10x better than whatever you want to call this. The hippo seen tho, it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

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