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Annihilation Earth 2009 full movie online free

Two scientists fight to save the planet after a group of terrorists destroy a particle accelerator.


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Release: Dec 12, 2009

IMDb: 3.0

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Annihilation Earth full movie review - Acting could have been better but the conclusion - wow.

I was a bit surprised by Marina Sirtis and her Southern accent, and the inconsistencies were a bit distracting. The acting of Luke Goss actually wasn't bad.

But here is the real bottom line, and it does make you think. Can a technology be created that could cause an extinction level event? Nuclear Annihilation is about as much as we have created so far, but what if a technology was created (super collider) that led to the destruction of our planet. Do I think this could happen? No, not a chance. But I like movies that make you think.

Here are some of the holes in this movie (not a complete list):

1. For technologies this powerful, where is the security? There is no way an Arab terrorist gets to a control room and can cause this much damage.

2. 1 man (Luke Goss) and 1 woman (Marina Sirtis) have all the control and knowledge to make the call to end humanity. As mentioned before, Luke did a fairly good job at acting out his part, but I believe a group of scientists would be giving their opinions on such a huge decision.

3. When Marina was talking to Luke at the end of the movie, she mention states, "how can we trust a man that has beaten and shot?". OK, I know they had a video screen and they could see the blood on his face, but how did they know he was shot in the leg? 4. Technologies this powerful will have so many fail safes and redundancies a terrorist would not have a chance to take this much control.

However, even with some of these plot holes. I liked the thought it created and the surprising conclusion. Not many end this way.

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