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Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies 2016 full movie online free

Steve, a young professional snowboarder, ruins a high-paying photo shoot by playing a silly prank. He, his girlfriend Branka and fellow snowboarder Joschi are left behind on the mountain. They seek shelter in an après-ski tavern that is hosting an all-night party. Things go from bad to worse when a scientific experiment unleashes an epidemic of zombies and mutant wildlife. This is mostly lost on the local drunkards, as they are not always easy to distinguish from zombies themselves. But Steve, Branka and Joschi have to find a way to survive this hellish night.


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Release: Dec 01, 2016

IMDb: 2.0

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Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies full movie review - The Hills are Dead-Alive, with the sound of bloodshed & the smell of schnapps!

If there's one horror sub genre that truly outstayed its welcome for far too long by now, it's undoubtedly the zombie-comedy.

Particularly since Edgar Wright's fantastic "Shaun of the Dead", there's an oversupply of literally hundreds of wannabe refreshing and original zombie flicks in all kind of shapes, settings or specific situations. We've had Nazi zombies, zombie boy scouts, zombie beavers, Cuban zombies, Russian zombies, Aussie zombies, zombie strippers, retired zombies, baby zombies, intelligent zombies, mockumentary zombies, space zombies, ex-girlfriend zombies, drug-addicted zombies, football zombies, political zombies, cowboy zombies, zombie nerds, handicapped zombies and I could probably list another few dozen of zombie variations? The thing with these flicks is that they are light- headed and easily watchable, but gradually becoming so damn mundane and tiresome. Personally I have decided to skip 99% of the 'zomedy' spawn and only still watch the occasional one at a festival or together with friends while getting drunk. Zombies in traditional Austrian garb and roaming around in an après- ski resort are gimmicks that hadn't been done before yet, so here's the movie with the all-summarizing title "Attack of the Lederhozen Zombies". The worldwide premiere took place at the Brussels' International Fantastic Film Festival around midnight, so ideal place and circumstances for me to switch off most of my brain functions and enjoy the bloodshed along with the rest of the outrageous festival crowd!

High up in the Alps of Tyrol, Austria, the megalomaniac resort owner Franz has developed a monstrosity-machine that supposedly turns liquid into pure and fresh snow regardless of how warm the outside temperatures are. His plan is to beat global warming and make the skiing season last all year, and thus he invited a Russian industrialist over to give a demonstration and hopefully receive financial support. The demonstration goes horribly wrong ? or what else did you think ? and the Russian inhales green fumes that almost instantly turn him into a zombie. Meanwhile, three stunt- snowboarders are stranded atop of the mountain as well and Rita's après-ski hut is getting ready for the end-of-the-season party that will last all night. They all come together for one hellish night of bloody mass annihilation and schnapps! The film doesn't feature any gag or kill that you haven't seen numerous times before in other movies, except now the massacres are done with the sharp edges of a snowboard or ski poles instead of the more conventional armory. According to writer/director Dominik Hartl, the concept idea comes from observing drunken winter sport tourists at the après-ski parties in Tyrol. People drink too much schnapps or beers, lose their dignity and stumble around the snowy landscapes as if they are drooling, brain dead zombies. My family and I go on skiing vacation in Tyrol every year and I can definitely confirm that the comparison is very accurate. Heck, I probably even wandered around there looking like a zombie myself! What Dominik Hartl does quite well is referring, both obviously as well as subtly, towards legendary sequences of other genre milestones. The opening sequence is a beautiful homage to John Carpenter's "The Thing", the artificial snow liquid looks exactly like the green goo in Stuart Gordon's "Re- Animator", the mingling of the zombies between the regular party- goers is a big fat wink towards Edgar Wright's "Shaun of the Dead" and Rita's bloody stroll with the forage chopper is very reminiscent to the lawnmower scene in Peter Jackson's "Braindead".

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