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Baked in Brooklyn 2016 full movie online free

A recent college graduate decides to sell marijuana on the streets of Manhattan after losing his job at a consulting firm. He soon meets the girl of his dreams. With an unsupportive girlfriend, an increase of clienteles, and the growing threats of being caught or killed, he soon realizes he is in way over his head.

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Release: Oct 14, 2016

IMDb: 4.0

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Baked in Brooklyn full movie review - A decent plot for decent characters

Movies of this nature are just straight up boring with weak plots and characters. In this case, the characters were not terrible in any sense and the story was well-organized and constructed.

Baked in Brooklyn stars Josh Brener and Alexandra Deddario and was directed by Rory Rooney.

It tells the story of a guy, David (Josh Brener) who lost his job and in a bid to earn something fast, he decides to sell weed over the internet. With his two roommates and very hot girlfriend, Kate (Alexandra Deddario) all against him, he continues to venture deeper into the business.

With time, his customers start to increase as supply decreases. He loses touch with his friends and girlfriend as he was too busy. His neglecting leads to the breakup between him and his girlfriend Kate.

After a threat on his life by his supplier, he decides to quit the weed business and begins to apply for a writer's job.

He finds Kate back with her ex which really brought him down to the dumps. He then kisses her in front of her boyfriend and rides away on his bicycle as the boyfriend pursues him. The characters were great. Josh Brener played the character 'David' who was particularly nerdy and was not that attractive. Alexandra Deddario on the other hand was hot (as always??) and portrayed the character of a college girl who falls for the nerdy guy because he is sort of funny and wonderful. Their chemistry was above average.

I felt sorry for David though as things started to fall apart for him. After losing his job, losing his girlfriend, almost losing his life, decides to get his girl back but discovers she was with someone already. Come on, it was devastating. I could tell though that it finally ended well for him as the whole movie was a 'true life experience' he narrated to an audience as was shown at the beginning. Also, I am guessing that he got back with Kate, because after kissing her in front of her new boyfriend, she wasn't mad or angry at him. As a matter of fact, she looked kind of happy as a kind of new flame was ignited in her. So seeing David do that was definitely a turn on for her. I bet that she was going to call David later. The movie was entertaining and I am so proud of Josh Brener (speaking as a fan of SILICON VALLEY). See full review on

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