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BASEketball 1998 full movie online free

Two losers from Milwaukee, Coop & Remer, invent a new game playing basketball, using baseball rules. When the game becomes a huge success, they, along with a billionaire's help, form the Professional Baseketball League where everyone gets the same pay and no team can change cities. Theirs is the only team standing in the way of major rule changes that the owner of a rival team wants to institute.


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Release: Jul 28, 1998

IMDb: 5.7

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BASEketball full movie review - I'd take this over all the Scary Movie films put together.

David Zucker + Trey Parker/Matt Stone = Hysterically funny Airplane-style comedy from the master of the genre. BASEketball is easily one of David Zucker's most underrated films.

I've seen this movie many MANY times, and I still can't figure out what there isn't to like about it. My friends all loved it, and I showed it to my parents who hated it. Ironically, the adults I've watched this with all LOVE Airplane and The Naked Gun, and I have no idea what's so different. This film has the exact same kind of humor as the previously mentioned films. So why is it that they love the other films and all have the same reaction to this film: STUPID. So what if it isn't as deadpan as the others, I can't really find anything to dislike about the film.

The film's "plot" revolves around two best friends Joseph "Coop" Cooper (Trey Parker), and Doug Remer (Matt Stone), who had big dreams as kids, but for some unspecified reason, became loser , time-wasting slackers who are always late at paying bills. Anyway, when the two guys are challenged to a basketball game by a couple of jocks, they make up a game called BASEketball, which obviously is a hybrid of basketball and baseball. The game soon becomes a national pastime, and recruiting their friend/perpetual victim, Kenny "Squeak" Scolari (Dian Bachar) also known as "Little Bitch," the trio become big sports stars, and face the temptation and corruption that occurs behind the game, putting the friendships to the test.

The "plot" is merely a setup for a constant stream of jokes and gags. Almost, not all, but almost every frame in the movie has a sight gag of some kind, and any plot or logic is simply lost among them, as we spend most of our time watching the background for something randomly hilarious, which almost always shows up. Some of the best gags involve people such as news reporters, and Robert Stack on Unsolved Mysteries, saying words on TV that can't be said on TV. There is a gratuitous, and joyously offensive subplot about a terminally ill kid, who is a fan of the character's BASEketball team. When he comes into play, many brutal slapstick jokes ensue at his expense. The "psyche- out" rule (players can do whatever they want to make the opposing player miss their shot) was a genius addition to the script, as they allowed endless gag possibilities, which while hit- and-miss, were usually very funny. Of course, my personal favorite gags were at the expense of Squeak "Little Bitch," who was the butt of nearly a third of the jokes in the movie. These are all hits. You both feel sorry for Squeak, and yet you want to join in in endlessly ridiculing him. I nearly laughed myself into asthma attacks on more than one occasion, as did my friends who all want to buy the movie on DVD now. The film should be required viewing for (younger) fans of the earlier spoof films. I'm coming to a conclusion that this movie was made for the new generation of silly gag-a-minute comedies, and adults who were alive during the release of the older films of the genre will ultimately dislike it.

One good thing about the film, is that unlike most films of the genre, the film isn't really a spoof, and the little plot there is, is actually quite original (I'm referring to the idea of the game of course). The fact that they don't have to set up the gags around the setting from another movie gives it a fresh and free feeling. The film has no target of parody, and instead of mooching off the plot for another movie for jokes, it uses a simple, ridiculous premise for that kind of humor. And it works well.

South Park fans will be pleased to see Trey Parker and Matt Stone in starring roles, which they actually do really good in. I truly think that they should do more movies of this genre when they aren't busy with the hilarious South Park. Their line delivery is as good as I've seen it (Trey Parker gives one of the best-delivered s-words I've ever heard), and their slapstick humor is totally brilliant. The way they react to much of the situations, and their treatment of many of the best lines with dead seriousness (sometimes) is absolutely priceless. These two should really get more acting jobs. Nobody could have played their characters better than they did.

Being a fan of South Park and David Zucker, I was thoroughly satisfied with this film. I can only guess the reason why adults hate it so much is the fact that the movie practically wallows in bad taste, and features some of the most offensive (hilarious) jokes ever put to film, many of which involve young kids who are crippled and/or terminally ill. But I don't care. I highly enjoy this film, and am always sad when the end credits roll, knowing that due to the box-office failure of it, there will never be a sequel. I had a great time with the characters in the film. I recommend the film to those who are open minded or who have a sense of humor and just want something silly. In the words of a talking pineapple (don't ask) towards the end of the movie, "Isn't this game just about getting together with your friends and having a good time?" That applies to the movie perfectly. BASEketball is one of the most flat-out enjoyable comedies I've ever seen. 8/10.

BASEketball is happily rated R for Strong Language and Crude Sex-Related Humor. Sex: 6/10 Violence: 5/10 Swearing: 8/10 Drugs: 5/10

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