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Beethoven's 4th 2001 full movie online free

The family is pleasantly surprised and puzzled when Beethoven suddenly becomes obedient. Turns out it's a prince and the pauper scenario, with the real Beethoven now living with a pompous rich family.


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Release: Dec 04, 2001

IMDb: 4.3

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Beethoven's 4th full movie review - It's Beethoven and The Ol' Switcheroo!


Beethoven the St. Bernard still lives with Richard Newton, brother of George Newton, and his family. Wife Beth was going to a job interview while kids Brennan and Sara start school, which left Richard home alone with Beethoven who was constantly getting into trouble. He ate out of the trash, he drank out of the toilet, he was a thorn in the Newtons' side. Meanwhile, not too far away at the Sedgewick family mansion, lived their St. Bernard who was the complete opposite of Beethoven. His name was Michelangelo. He was obedient, well-behaved and could even use the toilet! The Sedgewick family were always busy. Reginald was struggling with a hand-held modem while Martha handled constant social engagements. Daughter Madison felt so ignored. Back at the Newton's, Richard had taken up painthing pictures for greeting cards. He had just finished a wonderful work of art. Unfortunately, Beethoven chased a cat around the garage, thus ruining all of Richard's art. Richard finally put his foot down in saying the dog had to go! Brennan and Sara didn't want that so they found an ad for an obedience school in the paper and enrolled Beethoven right away.

The obedience school was run by Sgt. Rutledge, who handled some tough cadets in the military and was confident he could handle a
slobbering, 150 pound St. Bernard. He was wrong. Beethoven towed him all through the obstical course. Meanwhile, butler Simmons was taking Michelangelo to be groomed when suddenly a bumbling thug, Nigel, stole Michelangelo, who ran away from him. Meanwhile, Beethoven laid eyes on a hot dog vendor's cart and ran for it. He caused the cart to roll down hill so he ran after it. It crashed into the merry go-round which Beethoven boarded. Michelangelo got on too and when the ride was over, Simmons took Beethoven, thinking he was Michelangelo, home while Sara and Brennan took Michelangelo, thinking he was Beethoven, home. The Newtons noticed a significant change in "Beethoven". When Sara dropped her napkin, not only did "Beethoven" pick it up, but he folded it! Richard soon began longing for the drooling, sloppy old Beethoven. Meanwhile at the Sedgewicks, "Michelangelo" was disobeying orders and drooling on the floor; Richard struggled to bring "Beethoven" back to his slobbering roots by demonstrating how to chase the mail man, dig through the garbage and drink from the toilet; Simmons the butler was in cahoots with Nigel the thug. They plotted to kidnap "Michelangelo" and ransom him and they pulled it off. They made the phone call, requesting $250,000 to be delivered to Civic Center Park at 4:00 PM.

The Newtons went to "Beethoven"'s obedience school graduation ceremony, while the Sedgewicks arrived to meet the kidnapper with the $$$. At that moment, Nigel appeared and ran from the FBI while Simmons tried to make off with the money. The real Beethoven chased after Simmons while Michelangelo received his diploma from Sgt. Rutledge and rejoined the Sedgewicks while Beethoven was reunited with the Newtons and they went home together. As for brothers Simmons and Nigel, they go to jail, quarreling with one another.

Here's YET ANOTHER Beethoven sequel. Come on, enough already! You're really making 1 and 2 look bad! Beethoven's 4th wasn't that great of a movie but it proved, in some small way, better than Beethoven's 3rd. That movie was awful!! Terrible! Judge Reinhold was good in both films. I didn't like Julia Sweeney or the kids in either! The bad guys in 4th were better than the ones in 3rd. I prey that this will be the final Beethoven sequel, however I heard a rumor that there may be a 5th. Why does Universal do this to their family films? Look what they've done to The Land Before Time: giving it a seemingly endless parade of sequels! But anyway, just stuck with Beethoven's 1st and 2nd. SKIP 3RD!!! It is, as the French say, LE GARBAGEé! As for Beethoven's 4th, diehard fans of the series probably won't like it, but the kids definitely will! This series has gone to the dogs! Literally!


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