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Born to Dance 2015 full movie online free

Coming of age tale told through the eyes of 'Tu', an ambitious young man from Auckland who dreams of being a professional hip-hop dancer.


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Release: Sep 24, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Born to Dance full movie review - A generic dance movie, with a New Zealand twist

Dance movies, a genre that has been done over and over, and generally follows the same recipe.

A down on their luck person who is amazing at dancing but is given an ultimatum, if they don't do something with their life there will be consequences, so miraculously an opportunity pops up and they have the shot to try out for their dream, their dancing dream, *insert love triangle here*, usually they do well, then something happens so they can no longer dance, and then as we all know they find a way to dance again and do amazing and everyone loves them and they win, they always freaking win! This movie pretty much followed that exact storyline, which isn't bad of course, but is predictable, it will most likely leave you satisfied, The movie I wasn't sure if it could be classified as a part comedy or really just a music drama, maybe it's the fact some of the acting is below par and that watching other New Zealanders trying to be serious is slightly embarrassing and awkward.....I don't know, maybe I'm over-analysing it. But I'll get into some semantics:

Bad points: the accent, I get it, it's set in South Auckland but not all Nzers sound like that, and when they talk like that I don't believe it makes it internationally sell-able, the acting, well, apparently most of the 'actors' are dancers not actors, so that's pretty self explanatory, the storyline - leaves little to the imagination.

Good points: It was enjoyable as a whole, I wouldn't be against recommending it, it was light-hearted and easy to follow, but the best thing about it was the dancing! it was sooo 'en pointe'....see what I did there?....dancing haha, but no in all seriousness the dancing was amazing, not surprising considering the choreography was done by Parris Goebel who didn't she win the Hip Hop world champs several times? and name drop, was a choreographer for Jennifer Lopez! That's right, of course that part was going to be amazing! The music was good too, slight request though, if a singer is acting in the movie please refrain from featuring more than one of your is a little bit cringey, unless the movie is about you, then let it go. You act or have your songs featured, it's not a music documentary...Stan Walker *cough* *cough* Scribe *large cough*....wait, Scribe is still around... he was hosting the event, he's taken up acting, what is this! I also like that they they represented the gay community, slightly over- exaggerated but hey what do I know.

To wrap it up, it was good, but not amazing if you want to see a light-hearted movie with fantastic dancing go see this movie, don't hold your breath for any amazing plot twists or any new story lines cause you are not going to get that here.

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