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Citizen Soldier 2016 full movie online free

CITIZEN SOLDIER is a dramatic feature film, told from the point of view of a group of Soldiers in the Oklahoma Army National Guard's 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, known since World War II as the "Thunderbirds.” Set in one of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan at the height of the surge, it is a heart-pounding, heartfelt grunts' eye-view of the war. A modern day Band of Brothers, Citizen Soldier tells the true story of a group of young Soldiers and their life-changing tour of duty in Afghanistan, offering an excruciatingly personal look into modern warfare, brotherhood, and patriotism. Using real footage from multiple cameras, including helmet cams, these Citizen Soldiers give the audience an intimate view into the chaos and horrors of combat and, in the process, display their bravery and valor under the most hellish of conditions.


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Release: Aug 05, 2016

IMDb: 9.0

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Citizen Soldier full movie review - Boring and pointless

What we saw in this film were just endless shaky camera works, even worse than those "Jason Bourne" movies or "Hardcore Henry".

Guess the two so-called journalists following these soldiers into the battleground were also feared for their lives, other than had to climb up and down in the mountain rocky terrains.

We saw a bunch of civilians, a group of the National Guards of America, called for duty to go to war against the insurgents in Afghanistan. These guys only had about 39 days each year to re-familiarize their memory about the military training. They were just a bunch of family guys wearing uniforms and holding rifles. When they went into the war zone, they usually panic and didn't actually know how to deal with the firefights. All they knew was keep shooting to certain direction without any specific target, they just blindly pull their rifle or machine guns' triggers without knowing anything. They just wasted lot of bullets to get the low return of American tax payers' hard earned money. Most of the time, they needed air support to suppress the enemy's fire. One of their guys died by bullets shot from remote insurgent hideout. They felt so sorry about the death....

This documentary film is no better than most of the others that tried to portray and record American soldiers battle experiences. What we saw in these films were just bunch of poorly trained and always scared-to-death American young or middle aged soldiers shooting blindly to some opposite directions and nothing else.

When watching this film, it reminds me the script of another 'Based on True Event" then dramatized 2016 film, "War dogs". I just quote part of it to let you know how we are so naive about freedom, patriotism, sacrifice for your country, etc, etc:


"What do you know about war?

They'll tell you it's about patriotism, democracy? Or some [email protected] about the other guy hating our freedom.

But you want to know what it's really about?

What you see?

A kid from Arkansas doing his patriotic duty to defend his country?

I see a helmet($578), fire-retardant gloves ($165), upper-body armor($1,585), lower extremity body armor(LEBA) and a M16($6,275), tier 2 pelvic protection system, Kevlar upper legs protectors, thermal weapon sight, ammunition, boots, backpack?Machine gun($6,800), Abram tank($8.58 million)?

I see $17,500 on each and every soldier's body.

That's what it costs to outfit one American soldier.

Over two million soldiers fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It cost the American taxpayer $4.5 billion each year just to pay the air conditioning bills for those wars.

And that's what war is really about.

War is an economy.

Anybody who tells you otherwise is either in on it or stupid.

But I didn't know that yet.

Back then, I didn't know anything." ~~Unquote

I have nothing further to say.


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