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Dead Silence 2007 full movie online free

Jamie returns to his hometown in search of answers to his wife's murder, which occurred after receiving a weird package containing a ventriloquist dummy named Billy, which may be linked to the legend of ventriloquist Mary Shaw. Destined to find out the truth, Jamie goes to the town of Raven's Fair, where Shaw used to perform and is buried. But Jamie is in for more than he expected.


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Release: Mar 16, 2007

IMDb: 6.2

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Dead Silence full movie review - Well made movie with an interesting storyline.

What is wrong with you people? 6.2? Really? It's not the greatest horror movie ever, but it deserves way more than a 6.2/10. I'm giving it a 10 just to counteract all the people hating on this movie.

If not, this would get an 8 out of 10 from me. Apparently, this review has to have 10 lines of text, so I'll just say what it's about.

A ventriloquist by the name of "Mary Shaw" comes back from the dead to hunt those who killed her. See, Mary Shaw was a ventriloquist, meaning she changes her voice so that it appears it's coming from the doll, not her. She had no children, never got married, only had dolls. In around the 1960s, she worked and lived at the Raven's Fair theater. Doing ventriloquist shows. However, in one show, a little boy by the name of Michael Ashen, (great uncle of the main character, Jamie) claimed that he could see her lips moving. Billy, the puppet Shaw was using at the show, apparently, went into a mental breakdown and shouted things like "BRING HIM UP HERE!" and "I'M JUST AS REAL AS YOU!" At the end of the show, Shaw directed a cold stare right at Michael and said, "Now, who's the dummy?" Which either implies "Now, who's the doll", or "Now who's stupid?" A few weeks later, that little boy went missing. Without a trace. So, the Ashen family, (along with other families from Raven's Fair) suspected that Mary Shaw had something to do with it. So, they went to the theater, forced her to scream, and cut out her tongue, silencing her forever.

Years later, she awoke to get revenge on those who silenced her. One by one, those involved in her death were killed. All found with their tongues missing. And the same fate happened to their wives, and their children, and their children's children. She then murdered Jamie's wife, Lisa at the beginning of the movie. He goes out to find clues as to who murdered her wife, and why they sent him Billy (the dummy). He then, goes to his father's house, finding out that he had a step-mom and that his father was in a wheelchair from having a stroke. His "father" suggested that he go to Henry Walker, the funeral director. He was stunned when he saw Lisa's body. He took a picture. Later, Henry claimed that HE went to the show in the 1960's, but only once. He was there when Michael made that rude remark towards Shaw.

A few moments later, Henry hears his wife, Marion, whimpering in her crawlspace. Apparently, it wasn't her. Shaw was imitating her voice to lure Henry into there and lock the door. Mary Shaw then appears and Henry screams. She makes an evil and unpleasant smile and kills Henry. Jamie then goes to the old Theater when he heard "Henry's" voice on the phone say that he can prove that Jamie didn't kill his wife. Again, it was Shaw imitating his voice. He arrives at the theater with the detective, and they find a wall filled with Mary's dolls. All 101 of them. Except for Billy. They then find a red sheet. When they pulled it off, the body of Jamie's great uncle Michael Ashen was old and rotted, all strung up like a marionette. The dolls' heads look to the left in a very slow manor. Straight to a clown doll, being controlled by Mary Shaw. Jamie then asks what she wants. She replied,"To silence all those who silenced me!" He responded with "Is that why you killed Michael Ashen?" She replied, "So hard to construct the perfect doll. Sometimes, you have to use living parts." He responds with "My wife. Lisa. Why did you take her from me?" She replied with "Come closer. I'll tell you!" The detective tries to force him back, but Jamie pushes him off and leans closer. Shaw's final response was, "You weren't the last Ashen! The last Ashen was inside of her!" Implying that Lisa was pregnant. Shaw then appears and picks up the doll by it's head. Though, we only see her hands. The rest of her is covered in the darkness. Jamie jumps back while the detective repeated "Don't scream.. Don't scream.." The detective fired his shotgun and destroyed the clown. Then, Jamie sets all 101 of the dolls on fire. Later, they were walking on the little platform I don't know what to call it. It collapses and the detective fell and screamed because he believed he was falling to his death. Mary Shaw catches him in midair, only to take his tongue. Jamie tried to get back up, but Shaw's face appeared right in front of his. He fell in fear, covering his mouth on the way down. He fell through the floorboards into the water, filled with manikins. Jamie then realized he destroyed all the dolls, except for one. Billy.

Then, he returned to the funeral home to find Marion crying at the sight of her late husband. Jamie asked her where Billy was. She said that his father took it. Jamie said that was impossible since his father was in a wheelchair and that he never leaves the house.

Jamie, then went to his father's house to find Billy. Shaw then appeared and approached Jamie. He then threw Billy in the fireplace, causing Shaw to retreat. Jamie finds his dad in the corner, only to realize that he was dead. The complete part of his back was torn open, with a wooden stick replacing the spine. He then figured out that his dad was another puppet. Shaw was trying to speak through him to make it seem as if he were still alive. Ella, (Mary Shaw's perfect doll) appeared right as Jamie turned around. She exclaimed, "Now. Who's the dummy?" Causing Jamie to scream and suffer the same fate as everyone else.

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