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Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse 2015 full movie online free

When aspiring knight Gareth goes in search of a fallen comet rumored to contain gold, he is shocked to instead find the dragon Drago. After Drago saves Gareth's life the two become intricately bonded, and must work together to defeat an evil sorcerer and stop his reign of terror. Along the way, Gareth learns the true meaning of being a knight in this fantasy action-adventure for the ages.


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Release: Feb 24, 2015

IMDb: 4.8

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Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse full movie review - Not bad at all

Yes, probably nothing will compare to the first Dragonheart but this was a good attempt and, in most part, stayed true to the spirit and theme of the original.

A few things could have made this sequel even better - better development of the relationship between Gareth and Drago, use of the original name "Draco" (or was there some copyright issue?) and a more convincing performance from Gareth awakening to the Old Code.

It was great, though, that the original theme music was kept because for us who "grew up" with Dragonheart (though I'm over 65), the music speaks of the valor and virtue of the spirit of knighthood in Dragonheart.

I would have liked to see the return of Draco with memories of the past (perhaps, again, copyright issues?) that plays into the plot. I was rather disappointed to see the new Drago as completely new and there was no explanation why he landed on the earth as a shooting star with dragon eggs to boot. I guess it boils down to dragon's having to be born on this earth and not in the stars.

I was also disappointed that the new Drago could not speak until he gave away half his heart to Gareth. I was expecting (and hoping) to hear a voice closely resembling that of Sean Connery to come out from Drago. When he did speak, I was a bit disappointed but mostly relieved. It was only at the end credits that I knew it was Ben Kingsley. I feel the script writers could have done a better job on Drago's part as the original Draco exhibited more wisdom as that of a dragon who had experienced and seen much over hundreds of years. Despite this, there were parts where Drago's words elicited the emotions and messages of old from the first Dragonheart.

Overall, I enjoyed this sequel, especially the second half, where I sensed the script writers warmed up, so to say, and brought more and more of the magic of the first Dragonheart into play. The orchestral arrangement of the Dragonheart theme was wonderful in the final credits with the short scene at the end a nice touch. I liked, too, the detail put into Drago, though, at times (particularly at the beginning), he was a bit too evil-looking.

Unlike, perhaps, some other viewers, the "death" of Draco in the first Dragonheart did not leave me sad. He only transmuted into a more elevated living presence among the stars. This sequel's ending left me wondering if the producers were entertaining a sequel. I'm hoping there is - mainly to preserve and pass on to younger generations the spirit and lessons of the heart (no pun intended) of Dragonheart.

The problem with sequels is they are always compared with the original and also, too often with sequels, the writers try a completely different angle which only loses the magic of the first one. However, I can breathe a sigh of relief that the main story theme was kept here (as well as the characters in somewhat different guises).

How can one preserve the Dragonheart theme if another sequel is to be made? The one thing to keep in mind is not to change Draco (or Drago) and neither the (eventual) hero. Settings and even the time-line can change but keep the theme of the triumph of honor, valor and virtue true and fast.

How about a Dragonheart in the 21st century? This would really test the script writer as, I believe a lot of people will agree, the Old Code is pretty much lost in these times.

So, can, and should, the Old Code live on in this digital age?

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