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Last months of World War II in April 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theater, a battle-hardened U.S. Army sergeant in the 2nd Armored Division named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank called "Fury" and its five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.


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Release: Oct 15, 2014

IMDb: 7.5

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Fury full movie review - Fury Review

"War Never Ends Quietly"

To survive where there is no chance of survival, how can you? it seems the only way is to believe you can, but more importantly believe the man next to you can ....A Sherman tank lead by Don 'Wardaddy' Collier (Brad Pitt) and his brothers in arms, we follow their journey through Normandy to push the enemy further back into Germany, with seemingly one final effort to win the war. A film inspired by the shear brotherhood of the tank regiments who fought during World War 2 comes a story of brotherhood and friendship in their finest and darkest hours.

BRAD PITT AND TANKS would be enough to sell any movie, but is this film any good? is this film just another Hollywood adaption and glorification of war? And will people be comparing this to 'Saving Private Ryan' because oddly enough it seems to be the case when we mention a war film, Saving takes the biscuit....Well there is certainly no comparison, and this is definitely a stand alone film, that combines some sterling performances, and a heart wrenching reality check on this tragic war.

A story set during the later days of World War 2, about a group of men who have fought through thick and thin together, from places as far away as Africa, and have now found themselves in Normandy ever closer to Berlin, and hopefully closer to home. This group of men are the Sherman tank crew of 'Fury' (a title and name we are constantly reminded throughout may I add, as David Ayer persists to include this name in most shots, a name which is written on the tanks turret). This team is led by a war hardened veteran played by Brad Pitt, who's character throughout is the tough leader we want to hate, but find ourselves understanding why he is the way he is, and respect him as this 'father' figure to these men.. A classic case of American 'high ho silver', but what a character he is, with an unmistakable performance from Brad (well obviously, would you expect any less?).

Charging into battle with Brad, are three other men, a religious gunman played by Shai LeBeouff (who regardless of the critics opinions, gives a enthralling, tear jerking performance), lead driver Michael Pena and the lose cannon ammunitions man played by the Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal. Fury is missing a second driver/machine gunner as he was killed in action (which we are horrifically shown, as the deceased drivers face is cleaned off the inside of tank). We are introduced the final member of the team, a young type writer drafted in to the unit due to lack of men and equipment, the characters name is Norman 'Machine' Ellison (played by Logan Lerman), its his welcome to the war that draws on the inhumane, vicious reality of war, as this young scared boy has to join the war effort at the hands of a machine gun, to which he has had no training and no experience before.

As a history fan it is always nice to know the story is not pretending to base itself on 'real' life, but is a film paying homage to something that happened in some way. World War 2 especially is a topic that Hollywood gets hold of, and will add moments of fiction to something claiming to be entirely real. The story of Fury however, does not do this as there is no reference to this being a real story. On the other hand, it does lacks some detail, and will jump between narrative moments, which can prove a bit confusing and difficult to know where as an audience you are, and at what moment in the story you are in. But what fury lacks slightly in structure, David Ayer allows this film to make up for it in cinematic battles, and heart felt stories between friends. David Ayer has really tried to emphasise the importance of these tank units throughout this war, showing the viewer how at the front of everything these heavy metal shells had to be there first, and always were.

As impressive and moving as this film was, there are some areas of fault where the film becomes a bit too 'Hollywood' and far fetched. For instance, at the end of the film our valiant tank 'Fury' roles over a land mine and the tracks are blown clean off one side of the vehicle, causing the tank to become immobile. Norman is sent off to scout the surrounding area whist they try to mend the tank, upon doing so, Norman is met by a three hundred strong unit of SS soldiers armed with panzerschreck's and armoured vehicles. Together five men and a tank survive the night, fending this entire unit off, until all ammunition has ran out. Although they have heavy weaponry mounted on the tank, and a few shells to suppress the onslaught, it is hard to imagine them practically wiping out this highly trained unit of soldiers (especially as they are SS soldiers) and only really losing due to supplies running out.

Overall, David Ayer combined with this all star cast has fantastically and emotionally brought to our screens, a depiction of the world surrounding a small unit of men who together saw things that we cant even begin to imagine, and their dream was staying a live just to get home. David Ayer has masterfully captured scenes that will horrifically and brutally remind us all of the reality of this tragic war.... And yes, this film is not perfect, and yes, the film could do with a more tightened storyline. When a film is so brilliantly acted, well written and is cinematically pleasing you will in turn leave the cinema thinking about life during those troubled times, and really appreciate how lucky you are, and question is your job "The best job I ever had".

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