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Identity Thief 2013 full movie online free

When a mild-mannered businessman learns his identity has been stolen, he hits the road in an attempt to foil the thief -- a trip that puts him in the path of a deceptively harmless-looking woman.


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Release: Feb 07, 2013

IMDb: 5.6

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Identity Thief full movie review - Not at all bad movie. In fact very a very good movie!

I have no idea why people would rate this movie so low...Sometimes I seriously feel that it has to do with American culture being dumbed down and people have become only responsive to movies filled with crass and foul topics.

Because this kind of movies are almost ALWAYS rated higher! Please ask yourself why?

Today I watched two movies, one being We Are the Millers and one being Identity Theft. I am completely shocked and frustrated by the fact that the first has a much higher rating. Seriously? Why, because Jennifer Aniston is in it? We Are the Millers is not just so dumb in plot, but MAJORLY disgusting and offensive in content and suggestions. First they had a 18 year-old guy being encouraged (mind you, by the lead character who is a drug dealer who supposedly has a heart..eye roll) to give oral sex to a Mexican guy. How is this in any way entertainment or funny? Why the heck is sexual offence funny? Things like this really somethings makes me wonder if Hollywood is run by devil worshippers. After all, Charles Manson was never accepted by any place but some people from the entertainment industry, and that's where he started the whole murder schemes. Look at all these innocent young singers and actors all going in and out of rehab, going insane and dying young...seriously all this plus the endless list of crappy movies persistently attempting to shove suggestions of sexual offense in our minds ( for the past many years), I'm seriously starting to question what's going on.

We are the Millers is literally half a step from full blown pedophilia. Then they had the guy being taught french kissing with a woman his mother's age and transferring that spit by french kissing the girl who's supposed to act like his sister. And then Hollywood try to popularize AGAIN the concept of "swinging", shoving a scene down our throat even though it makes most people want to puke thinking about the idea. These people who write crap like that probably do it personally and are desperate to get approval from people thinking if they show it enough people will be sick as they are. Sorry, not gonna happen.

You may think I'm getting off track there. But no. My point for mentioning all that is just to bring up one question: HOW IN THE WORLD can people say a crap movie like the Millers is better than truly touchingly funny movies like Identity Theft.

If one thing, I would say, Identity Theft is actually funny without trying to use shock value. But other crappy comedies have to use shock and foul language to batter you because the story in itself is not funny or great in the first place. When every character in a movie has to be a hooker, stripper, drug dealer, a cruel sicko or foul mouth, you know you have a lame script.

Unlike other lame so-called comedies,Identity Theft is a whole level higher and better. I suspect that's perhaps why the intellectually and emotionally regressing culture can appreciate. I've seen McCarthy in other movies, but she was never this good in any other movies. In this movies, she showed her talent as an actor who can portray a deeper personality, emotion WHILST being silly and crazy. There are fast actions, slapstick and perfectly-timed quiet moments coming perfectly together into great stitch work here. Bateman's seriousness and great acting skills constantly reassures the viewer the character is really not aware what's happening next and his ever so slightly perplexed reactions to situations gives the movie a real life believability. Somehow the movie just draws me and makes me believe they are not actors, but really in these situations. It's a unique brand of comedy. It's bubbly, frustrating and realistically emotionally indecisive. It makes you wonder and keeps things interesting, provided you have a certain level of ability to appreciate subtlety and eclectic textures in a movie.

The characters seriously grow on you, because they have layers that gets peeled away. I love that they didn't "Hollywood" the characters so much that they are completely good-hearted or wonderful, nor completely insane and crass. They each had their selfishness, but also reasonable development into sympathesizing for the other, unlike some movies that just make everybody magically go from a jack to a saint in one day, or find excuses for every stupid thing a character does.

I've always been one who appreciates a reasonable level of emotional quotient and character depth in a movie. It doesn't matter what genre. I hate complete fantasies, and unfortunately that's what Hollywood does. I suppose if you are a complete sci-fi freak or someone who can only appreciate Chris Farley type thing and have no time for subtlety or character dept, you will not like this movie.

This movie is underrated, along with many other great movies. But I suppose that doesn't come as a surprise, because they same people are probably those who think Titanic and Avatar are great. Believe me, if you 'love' either one, I highly doubt you would like this movie.

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