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Brothers, Sean and Tommy Donnelly live and work in modern day Texas. Tommy has always been troubled and Sean has always been there to help him but when Tommy gets himself $6,000 in debt there's not much Sean can do. The money is owed to some very dangerous people and neither Sean nor Tommy has a spare dime. Worse, at every turn, Tommy manages to find a way to exacerbate their already difficult position. The situation escalates to the point where Sean is faced with a decision: stand by his brother or give up on him once and for all.


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Release: Jan 05, 2016

IMDb: 6.5

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Lawless Range full movie review - I was never bored, and it's just a lot better than I was expecting!

'LAWLESS RANGE': Four Stars (Out of Five)

A modern day western/crime thriller, about two Texan brothers; struggling to pay back a massive amount of debt, to some dangerous criminals. The movie was directed by Sean McGinly, and written by Adair Cole. It stars Patrick John Flueger, Austin Nichols, Daniella Alonso, Julianna Guill, Neil Brown Jr., Justin Arnold, Dale Dickey, Kris Kristofferson and Beau Bridges (who also executive produced the film). I found it to be a pretty entertaining, and well made, little western drama flick.

Sean Donnelly (Flueger) and Tommy Donnelly (Nichols) live in Texas. Sean has always been the good brother, and Tommy has always been the troubled 'bad brother'. Tommy drinks a lot, doesn't show up for work (where Sean is also employed), and is a bad father. Tommy really gets into a lot of trouble, when he ends up owing $6,000 to a criminal mechanic (Brown Jr.). Sean, once again, comes to his rescue; endangering both men, and their families.

I didn't have a lot of faith in this film, when I started watching it, because it's a low budget indie flick I had never heard of; that doesn't even have a full video release yet (it's not available on Netflix, or at Redbox). I paid $4.99 for an Amazon Instant Video rental of it, because the film costars Courtney Palm (my favorite actress); in an uncredited one scene cameo. She's fully naked in it, like she often is (in movies so far), but her performance is definitely too minimal to rave about. I like the film a lot anyway though. It's just really well made, and the performances are all good. I was never bored, and it's just a lot better than I was expecting!

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