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Made of Honor 2008 full movie online free

Tom and Hannah have been platonic friends for 10 years. He's a serial dater, while she wants marriage but hasn't found Mr. Right. Just as Tom is starting to think that he is relationship material after all, Hannah gets engaged. When she asks Tom to be her "maid" of honor, he reluctantly agrees just so he can attempt to stop the wedding and woo her.


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Release: May 02, 2008

IMDb: 5.7

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Made of Honor full movie review - Made of Honor is a "feel good" movie!

While some think Made of Honor was too much like all the other romantic comedies about two best friends of the opposite sex, I thought it was endearing, touching, and fun to watch.

What makes this movie even more enjoyable is the sexy Patrick Dempsey that plays Tom, a single, wealthy, handsome guy that loves women. His best friend Hannah is played by Michelle Monaghan. She is the adorable girl that has been putting up with Tom and all of his relationship rules since college. She is the one girl that Tom can always depend on, and he is the guy that Hannah hopes will change and open his eyes about her.

It does not take long for the viewer to figure out the theme of this film. While the two seem like best friends, it is obvious that their relationship will change by the end of the film. This is the synopsis in most romantic comedies. But in this film you feel the emotions and frustrations of Tom and Hannah. Throughout the movie there is a pattern or motif of how you feel for each character. In one scene you are mad at Tom, and feel sorry for Hannah; but the next scene you might feel sorry for Tom and be mad at Hannah. The main focus in this film is the relationship struggles between two best friends. This movie could be compared to My Best Friend's Wedding, except the ending is much happier for both people.

When Hannah has to take a trip to Scotland, Tom finds himself alone and missing Hannah more than he expected. After some soul searching with his buddies, he realizes he is in love with Hannah and is ready to settle down and have a real relationship. But when Hannah returns she has a surprise for Tom. When he shows up with flowers to meet her for dinner, she introduces him to a large strapping man named Colin, played by Kevin McKidd. After Tom collides with a waiter, listens to their romantic story of how they met, and witnesses the sappy look in Hannah's eyes, he is then shocked with the news that they are engaged. Hannah asks Tom to be her Made of Honor. After colliding with another waiter, Tom escapes from the restaurant without really giving Hannah an answer.

After Tom recovers from the shock of Hannah's news, his buddies point out that being Hannah's Made of Honor will keep him extremely close to her. They make a plan to steal the bride. What makes this romantic comedy more entertaining than others, is watching men try to tackle a woman's job. Witnessing men making baskets for a bridal shower is great. Through many ups and downs, and a ruined bridal shower thanks to Hannah's bitter cousin, Tom begins to panic because he is running out of time. What's worse is when he gets to Scotland for the wedding, he finds out that Colin is a Duke and his family owns a castle for each season. He starts to feel he cannot compete with the groom. After a day of humiliation from traditional wedding games, Tom finally gets a moment to ask Hannah to go on a walk. Just as he is ready to tell Hannah how he feels, they are interrupted by the other bridesmaids that come to get Hannah for her bachelorette party. The tradition in Scotland is for the bride-to-be to carry around a pot. Men give her money in exchange for a kiss. When Tom finds Hannah in the pub, his peck turns in to a long passionate kiss. The only witness to this kiss was Hannah's mother from across the room.

Later that night, Hannah goes to Tom's room to talk about their kiss. Hannah ends up finding her drunk cousin on top of Tom, and thinks Tom is just up to his old ways again. She runs back to her room in tears. Tom tries to run after her to explain he was being seduced and wants nothing to do with her cousin. He begs Hannah to talk to him but she refuses to open her door. Tom tries to confess his love for her through the door, but her stubbornness gets the best of her and she tells him she is marrying Colin in the morning. Tom decides he cannot deal with watching Hannah marry Colin so he leaves the next morning without saying goodbye. As Tom is riding away in the car, he decides he has to stop the wedding and win Hannah back. The only transportation Tom can find to the church is by horse. The camera angles make this scene intense and emotional. While you are laughing at Tom riding the horse, you also feel his anticipation of getting to Hannah. After holding on for dear life through the woods, he flies through the church doors as the horse comes to a screeching halt. Of course this happens just as the priest asks if anyone objects to the marriage. Hannah runs to Tom laying face flat on the church floor. As Tom can barely get to his feet, he tells Hannah that her hair looks terrible but he loves her more than anything. Hannah finally gives in and they share their second kiss. Hannah apologizes to Colin and tells him that he is perfect, but just not perfect for her. Colin knocks Tom out, but the scene quickly changes to Hannah and Tom saying their vows.

This was a feel good kind of movie. Don't let the stereotype of romantic comedies deter you from watching this film. This is a good story of two people discovering how much their relationship has truly meant to each of them. The actors in this film are what makes it so believable and touching.

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