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Mallrats 1995 full movie online free

Both dumped by their girlfriends, two best friends seek refuge in the local mall.


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Release: Oct 20, 1995

IMDb: 6.8

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Mallrats full movie review - Better than Clerks, No Matter what Anyone Says.

I hope nobody interprets the title of this summary as a slam against CLERKS, because that movie was good too. In his first color movie, Kevin Smith introduced us to T.S.

Quint(Jeremy London), college boy with his heart set on marrying his girlfriend Brandi Svenning(Claire Forlani), and Brodie Bruce(Jason Lee), comic book collector extraordinaire who hopes for a comic shop of his own. Both lose their girlfriends for different reasons. T.S. loses Brandi over her father(Michael Rooker) a sleazy maniacal TV producer determined to do anything to keep them apart, and Renee(Shannen Doherty) dumps Brodie, because she feels her life with him is stagnating, as many in their twenties in the 1990's were. Brodie decides that the solution is a trip to the mall. At this mall, we meet Willam Black(Ethan Supplee), a doofus who wants to find a hidden picture in a painting, Tricia Jones(Renee Humphries), a 15-year-old girl who has become an expert on sex using many men and young boys as her experiments. Where were girls like her when I needed them? And best of all we meet Jay and Silent Bob, those two dope-dealers who regularly hung out in front of Leonardo, New Jersey's RST Video & Quick Stop in CLERKS. Believe it or not, it is possible to be anti-drug and still find these two funny, in fact being anti-drug HELPS in that department. With a few revelations and the help of Jay, Silent Bob, "Trish the Dish," T.S.'s ex-girlfriend Gwen(Joey Lauren Adams), a freaky flea market psychic(Priscilla Barnes), and even Marvel Comics mogul Stan Lee, the tale evolves into an attempt by both to win back their significant others, however while T.S. is heartbroken through the whole ordeal, Brodie pretends he couldn't care less. T.S. & Brodie are an incongruous team dedicated to making sure that young love conquers the forces of consumerism(?), and arrogance disguised as responsibility and maturity. But this is hardly another tale of innocent youth vs. evil adults, because even some of the younger cast members are villains, like the security guards serving under the dreaded LaFours(Sven-Ole Thorsen), who don't seem that much older than the heroes and heroines of this movie, Shannen Hamilton(Ben Affleck), from the Fashionable Male clothing store, and some of Jared Svenning's employees, like "Rowdy" Roddy(Scott Mosier!). Hamilton is a stuck-up manager who thinks he's above everybody else and that it's his duty to seduce women who break-up with their boyfriends and have sex with them in a less-than desirable position, while pummeling people at the mall "with no shopping agenda," or more accurately, not the shopping agenda he wants them to have. And it just so happens that Brodie's girl is has next target. Brandi is in nowhere near the same danger, but being forced to dump her boyfriend and replace the bachelorette on her father's retread of "The Dating Game," hosted by Bob Summers(real life ex-game show announcer Art James), only to have Gwen try to coax her into returning into T.S.'s arms, doesn't help her broken heart either.

Like JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK three movies later, this has an incredibly triumphant ending. Mallrats has one too, but it's also a "so happy you'll cry" ending. It has a wonderful outcome for the two couples and their friends, a well-deserved one for that S.O.B. from Fashionable Male, and two closing themes that'll put a lump in your throat. And as for me, I'm going to find out if Marvel Comics did publish a "Vulture Soliloquy," because like Brodie Bruce a lot of what was going on in the comic book industry has passed right by me, and shouldn't.

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