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Michael Moore in TrumpLand 2016 full movie online free

Oscar-winner Michael Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election.


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Release: Oct 18, 2016

IMDb: 7.0

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Michael Moore in TrumpLand full movie review - No spoilers, just a cautionary article about the Donald Trump campaign

In 2016 American voters have been witness not only to the ugly presentations and personal invective from the absolute worst presidential candidate in modern US history.

We have also seen the spectacle of the Republican Party, one of our two major political bastions for the past 2+ centuries, overtaken and dominated by a fringe element that has been percolating for the past two decades right in front of us. And in GOP presidential nominee and entitled bullyboy Donald Trump, we have amazingly seen the personification of everything the present-day conservative movement in our nation has actually stood for over the past 20 years, only writ very, very large.The national Republican Party has had the "Trump Look" for years. He has simply magnified it past all recognition and sanity.

Nobody in their right mind on either side of the aisle could have envisioned the turmoil, white-hot (pun intended) anger, as well as sheer lunacy that Donald Trump has foisted on us over the past year. America's voters could have ideological differences and disagreements with recent/past Oval Office candidates ranging from Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George W. Bush (obviously) on any number of issues, without having their basic "Americanness" being in question. There was always a level of decorum, intelligence quotient and competence present?we could all disagree with each other without calling into question our own decency, current-events' acumen, and even rationality.

Donald Trump is the enemy of all our daughters, wives and girlfriends, and undoubtedly has nothing but contempt for even the American women who are still going to vote for him, except for the ones he deems "hot" enough to interest him. His degrading comments and unwanted physical actions with various females and their angry response has been recorded in full, but a point that seems to have been missed is that his foolish excuse of it being "locker room talk" and that these trash conversations are routine with men is an insult to every decent male in America. No Donald, we DON'T spend our time talking about all the sex we're having with our wives and girlfriends. Nor do we dwell lasciviously on descriptions of our daughters' bodies. Not just because you do.

Trump is the scourge of every single minority demographic in America, African-American, Hispanic and Muslim, home-borne or not, save for the gay population. He leveled some of his most acerbic and notorious kiddie-insults and nicknames against Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and his other Republican primary competitors as his adoring fans guffawed along with him, dividing his own political party in the process. And Trump is the last president that our allies have ANY desire to have to deal with in either friendly or contentious issues, a schoolyard bully/loose cannon who has no business discussing issues of import, domestic or external, with any of the world's real leaders.

Donald Trump is an exaggeration, not an aberration. So don't be fooled by all the phony hand wringing being done currently by all those caught-in-the-spotlight "disaffected" Republicans. Many of them from Paul Ryan to Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell to Marco Rubio have already announced that they will support Trump on Election Day despite their absolute knowledge of what a destructive candidate he is. Most of the rest will without question be swinging back to his side over the next week and will pull the lever for him, forgetting all the insults to both themselves and their other conservative partners, along with the rampant ignorance and ever-present hate displayed every time he opens his mouth, no matter the topic. Viewers finally lost count of all the times he called the Obama administration "stupid" during the (thankfully) final debate. And this proves unquestionably what most of us have known for years that the national GOP cares not a whit for America's well-being as long as "their boy" gets in, no matter the dire consequences that will explode across the United States and the world if he does.

There are certainly one or two legitimate attacks against Hillary Clinton one can cull from her near-40 years in the national spotlight, but none of them rises even close to the level of incompetence and evil that Trump represents, and certainly don't equal the rape culture and xenophobia for every demographic except for the angry white male that he espouses. And his latest rabble-rousing canard is his lying claim that the upcoming election is somehow "rigged" in Clinton's favor, while offering exactly zero proof for his whining allegation. Leaving Trump sycophants Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich out of the equation, even the most conservative Republicans in government are refuting this one.

Perhaps Trump's simply setting himself up for a bunch of lawsuits against the federal government if he loses. But judging from both his thinly-veiled comments urging his masses to appoint themselves enforcement officials and congregate at voting places, monitoring closely for any "clandestine activities", as well as the many recent violence-promising quotes from his white male fans across America, it looks more and more like there'll be plenty of potentially-tragic displays we can all look forward to on November 8th. He's obviously using this tactic to target and frighten away minority voters as they attempt to practice their Constitution-given right. So there'll probably be lots of available overtime pay for all the extra police security that will be necessary due to his latest incendiary posturing, this being maybe the only real example of job creation that Trump has been able to come up with in his specifics-starved campaign.

This is the awful imitation of America that the Trump supporters want. It's up to the rest of us to stop him. He will take America on a straight trajectory to hell if he's elected, a hell that would make the eight disastrous Bush/Cheney years last decade seem like a smooth cakewalk by comparison.

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