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Not Safe for Work 2014 full movie online free

An office worker is trapped inside the building where a killer is on the loose.


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Release: May 09, 2014

IMDb: 4.9

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Not Safe for Work full movie review - Awesome thriller! the reasons why others didn't like it are precisely why I LOVED it

I don't think I've ever wrote a review, but I think I need to write one for this movie; it totally deserves it and you probably need it.

I found this movie by chance, the way you find small movies without a big release. Maybe I should have known this by now, but IMDb ratings are not to be trusted. When I saw 5.7 after watching the movie it made no sense to me. But then I remembered seeing 9 stars ratings to movies that afterwards turned out to be absolute crap. This movie is really good. And I haven't seen something good in a long time. I won't summarize the plot like everyone else does because you have read that part at least 11 times from different people. And I didn't read anything before watching it, just the log line, which was good otherwise I might have passed on it. But I'm going to tell you what I think you want to know.

I see the reasons why people who didn't like this movie are giving it a low rate. And what's funny is that the reasons why they didn't like the movie are a few of the reasons why I LOVED it. They say it doesn't have high action scenes, which it is not true, unless what they mean by action scenes is car explosions, a guy beating another guy to a pulp, and the classic muscle guy with his machine gun, or things of the like. I find that kind of movie to be tacky, more of the same bull and absolutely boring, but hey, we all have different tastes right?

The action of the movie is superb and it doesn't keep you at the edge of the seat, it makes you stand up, pause the movie and go have a glass of water because you are trying to keep yourself from pulling your hairs out. I also read that people were expecting "humor" well... this is a thriller, not the hangover (well that is not humorous either but that's another story, another review...) They were also expecting thoughtful dialogs and a sophisticated storyline.

Well as for the dialogs is true, they don't quite have time to recite Shakespeare when they are in danger and is not like it has 14 characters and you get time to go back on their lives and see "who they are", etc... sorry folks, the story is about what happens in the building and why is happening, no "background story" time, and of course is not necessary.

As for the storyline, is really good, keeping in mind that is a simple plot though a complex situation.

I love smart dialog, I am a Sorkin fan, but this movie doesn't need it, is about what's happening, not much about who they are and what are they going to become. Not that there isn't smart dialog, is only that there's little dialog since a killer might hear you...

It is a smart movie, if you like smart movies and you're as frustrated as me because there hasn't been any lately, you'll want to watch this gem. I always doubt when it comes to watching a small movie happening all in one place, but you won't feel the sense of staleness, trust me. Yes, in a few scenes you're gonna find yourself thinking "oh come on Tom, don't" but not enough to make you want to call it quits. Overall, Tom is a smart guy, and so is the killer, and I think is safe to say most of us are looking for smart characters so the movie can be entertaining right?

As for the ending, I see some criticism saying is predictable. Well there aren't many options where the ending can go, are there? is not predictable when you kind of have a very narrow chance at making it super unpredictable. But is not as predictable as you might think and what is great is that it seems to leave it open for more. I don't like sequels but I sure want one out of this awesome movie!!

One last thing, I see some give it a low rate due to technicalities that are really minor details that you won't care about -or even notice- because the movie is good, it fulfills its purpose... let me put it this way, there are some people that will criticize LOST and hate the show because of the many flaws they would find, little things that nobody who wants a good entertaining show would give a s--- about. You decide.

Stop reading, and go watch it. Then you'll hear my voice in your head saying "I told you so"

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