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Ozark Sharks 2016 full movie online free

A picturesque family vacation to the Ozarks goes sideways when a group of bull sharks show up just in time for the big fireworks festival that the town holds every year.


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Release: Jul 28, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Ozark Sharks full movie review - Another weird place to find Sharks

I love the Syfy shark movies. Don't know why because I know they're dumb, but it seems like the more bizarre place they can find to put sharks, the better the movies actually are.

This one was great, and I enjoyed every moment of it. These movies cannot be taken seriously. Anyone who does is just looking for a movie to hate. And while these movies can be hated very easily, if you just have fun with them, you'll have a much better time.

Grade: 9.7/10 (Excellent) Final Grade: A+

Plot: 10/10 (Perfect) There isn't really much in the way of actual "plot" for this movie, other than a family goes to the Ozarks where their grandmother grew up and the family gets attacked by sharks that have somehow found their way into the river system. This was a fun effort because you don't really ever think that there might be sharks in your local river and lake, and it shows ingenious ways to kill them should you ever find that happening. Just make sure you have a Bigger Betty gun to deal with them. There were a few clichés in the movie, but not enough to detract from what was going on--a few even made the plot better.

Character Development: 10/10 (Perfect) Typical horror fare with people who are in the movie just to be eaten by the sharks and the Final Girl, who was actually a lot better developed than most I've seen. She had a rather boring story in the beginning, but she grew as a character into someone I liked and even rooted for in the end. Her brother wasn't as much of a jerk as you might see in other movies, truly loving and wanting to protect her. The parents were a little more willing to have the boyfriend around than they probably should--especially since he showed up uninvited--and they were far more willing to let their underage girl go off with him and do whatever they wanted, but that's the world we live in, and it did help with overall motivation for the lead. Good character development all around, though, with nothing completely out of place.

Directing: 10/10 (Perfect) Second movie by Misty Talley that I've seen, the first being Zombie Shark, and this was a much better endeavor by her. She told a very good story, giving the audience exactly what they wanted- -beautiful girls in bikinis getting preyed on by sharks--and I mean real sharks not horny boys...though there were a couple of those in there, too. I enjoyed the way Misty Talley told this story, and I cannot wait to see what she gives us next year.

Casting: 9/10 (Excellent) I was surprised to see that Laura Cayouette (Ms. Candie from Django Unchained) was in this movie until I realized she was also in Zombie Sharks. In fact, a lot of the cast from Zombie Sharks was in this movie, as well. I liked everyone for the most part and really wouldn't change any of the cast given the chance...except for maybe Molly's boyfriend. All the extra girls were hot and did their job looking great in their bikinis, so well done there.

Acting: 9/10 (Excellent) Not perfect by any means, but for a movie of this quality, the acting wasn't bad. You could tell they were actually doing more than just reading lines and getting paid, which is a big step up from a lot of Syfy movies.

Cinematography: 10/10 (Perfect) Good camera-work all around, steady, with no shaky-cam. Good lighting, and the special effects were half-way decent.

Music: 10/10 (Perfect) Music gave the movie the right mood and didn't interfere with the movie at all. In fact, it kinda faded into the background where it should.

Pacing: 10/10 (Perfect) I was going to knock a point off for the pacing when I stopped the movie at one point and saw only an hour had passed, but then the second hour flew by and the movie was over before I wanted it to be. So, no points off for pacing.

Sets and Costumes: 10/10 (Perfect) Sets were good if not amazing, but costumes (bikinis) were amazing, so this gets a perfect in my book, as do all the girls in the movie.

Re-watchability: 9/10 (Excellent) I'll enjoy watching this movie again in a few days, but it's not an instant re-watch movie.

All-in-all, good Syfy effort here as long as you keep in mind that it is a Syfy effort.

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