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StalkHer 2015 full movie online free

An obsessive prowler Jack (Jarratt) breaks into the home of his victim Emily (Fairfax). Finding himself wounded then tied to a chair, Jack soon realises he underestimated his intended prey as the two engage in a night long tête-à-tête.


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Release: Aug 27, 2015

IMDb: 4.5

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StalkHer full movie review - Aussie trash cinema at its finest

Christ this movie is so pointless and insignificant. The characters have no imaginable purpose other than to play out some fake psycho-therapy session for voyeurs to watch.

The woman does her best to portray victim/inquisitor. The man, dead-pan and incredibly dull as the antagonist, makes a horrible villain to build a movie around. There isn't any character development. We begin with a mature, friendly, sexy nurse doing her job. We dive into a scene where this woman becomes a vengeful vamp with the villain who, to me, is physically repulsive, and in the end, nothing, absolutely nothing, has been learned, shared, resolved, explored, nor do we have any new insight into who these characters are and why they are here. What is the point? What is the motivation? Oh that's right! Thanks to porn, maybe videoing a milf can make you some money. Who needs a concept?

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