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Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist 2014 full movie online free

The most successful and most loved fighting video game of all time, Street Fighter', is finally being given the epic, and faithful treatment it deserves. Street Fighter: Assassins Fist takes us back to the formative years of the iconic characters, Ryu and Ken, as they live a traditional warriors life in the secluded, mountain wilderness of Japan. Training under their master, Goken, the boys are the last practitioners of the ancient fighting style known as Ansatsuken (Assassin's Fist). Originally developed as a killing art, masters of this style are able to manipulate their Chi/Ki energy into devastating special techniques of potentially fatal power. As Ryu and Ken learn about the mysterious past of their Master Goken and the tragic and dark legacy of the Ansatsuken style will the two best friends become bitter rivals as their training intensifies and reaches a climax?


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Release: May 23, 2014

IMDb: 6.4

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Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist full movie review - A Unique Review

This is a review for the Street Fighter fan who knows what it's all about and is just wondering what kind of an impact this film is having on people.

It's going to be unorthodox in the sense that at first it will seem more about me than the film, but this background is essential to explain the sheer impact this movie can have on a person (in this case, me).

Anyone who knows me really well and has heard of "Street Fighter: Assassins Fist" would be surprised that I have yet to say anything about it. I grew up in the martial arts, training very hard under the strict school that I was blessed to have been enrolled in. At the age of 14 my training increased ten fold when I was put under a personalized fitness training program so that I could one day be a national champion and represent my country on the international competition scene (a goal I achieved 15 months later at the junior level). But even before that I was always into working out, from running to school during the coldest winters Rocky IV style, to using my allowance to purchase a weight set because I wasn't old enough to go into real weight rooms yet. One time in elementary school I walked all the way across the school field on my hands in a handstand position (falling over many times I might add). Later on when I was training for international competition, my summers were filled with nearly 6 hours of training 5 days a week (less if you take away travel time and lunch, but still).

When I wasn't training super hard though, one thing I did with my best friend growing up was play Street Fighter. I didn't have a Super Nintendo or PlayStation myself, so it was extra special when I was hanging out with my buddy and got to play it. We loved Street Fighter. We loved it so much that later on when I convinced my one best friend to begin training with me, we pretended that we were Ryu and Ken and attempted to train just like them. It actually fit really well for the two of us since we knew each other since playschool and I was the lone disciplined one where as he was the more sociable wealthy kind of guy. His parents house was just on the edge of the City so we could go back into the woods and fields during the moonlight and spar for hours just like on that one stage from Street Fighter Alpha. We watched the Street Fighter anime movie when it came out in the 90's and used that and anything else we could get our hands on for further training inspiration.

This passion has followed me my entire life. I now work 60 hours (or more) a week in the fitness industry and when I bought a house at age 26 the first thing I did was renovate the entire basement so it could become a martial arts and fitness training facility. The second thing I did was turn my spare bedroom into a traditional Japanese room with tatami mats and various other pieces of feudal age Japan lore (I also grew up watching jidai geki, just fyi).

Now, knowing this background of myself, you can probably see that "Street Fighter: Assassins Fist" was without a doubt made for someone exactly like me. In fact, Joey Ansah, Christian Howard and Mike Moh grew up exactly like me. My passion is their passion, and so by putting their passion on screen, they have in fact put my passion on screen as well. I connected with every single moment, every single line, every single shadow and colour contrast... literally, it was like seeing my very vivid imagination and inspirational roots come to life. And what timing! Now that I have an established career and a very good financial base, I have the time and opportunity to begin training very hard again and this has provided some key inspiration. See, when you grow up, you begin to sometimes lose that spark, and the things that inspired you as a kid tend to lose their edge. But "Street Fighter: Assassins Fist" has blown me away in the sense that it has provided that same inspirational high I felt as a kid when I experienced something for the first time. That in and of itself is the most powerful praise I could possibly give something because at this stage in my life I have already achieved and experienced so much that a fatherly calm now exists within me. But this movie has brought out that young energetic soul with the eye of the tiger, and I'm craving the next big challenge that life has for me.

This is a movie driven by sheer passion which aims to show Hollywood that you can remain pure to the source material and still appeal to a wide audience. These actors have trained so hard for the movie, and have paid such close attention to every important detail within the Street Fighter universe. The story line is mind blowingly epic, covering all the details we've heard of growing up watching the anime series and playing the games, tying them together in such a way that it flawlessly fits in a manner that I can only call perfection. But perhaps even more significant than that is how these guys trained their fighting styles to match up precisely with how the characters actually fight in the games. The fighting stances and techniques have been imitated in an unparalleled manner such as I have never seen before. Even the techniques/combos of world class Street Fighter gamer's is included! How much more perfect can you get? This is honestly Street Fighter in the most pure sense brought to life and, if it's even possible, made better! And, thankfully, this is just the beginning...

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