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The Hollow Point 2016 full movie online free

"The Hollow Point" tells the story of a botched Mexican cartel deal in the back roads of a border town. The town's new sheriff (Wilson) must team up with the retired lawman he replaced to investigate the source of the deal in order to stop a mysterious cartel butcher and his systematic brutalization of the town's residents.


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Release: Dec 16, 2016

IMDb: 8.0

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The Hollow Point full movie review - Spoilers? Not possible Here

I understand that to review a movie one cannot give away facts about the film...therefore 'spoiling' it for others whom have not seen it (yet). The Hollow Point is impossible to spoil.

It should be titled, 'A Hollow Point'. No, that's way to kind. A Hollow Point hints that it may actually have a point , which The Hollow Point undoubtedly does not.

I love movies you see. My wife could not comprehend why I went raving mad while watching this mess. She says, "Oh, it's only a movie". Nope, not to us true movie lovers who want to escape into another world, another place, and forget about everything else. You know, like HGTV does for her I suppose..... The Hollow point will not give you that escape people. It is beyond hollow. It will not, could not, because it does not mean anything. It's not action, not drama, and although it tries very hard to be a crime thriller, it reminds me of a black comedy minus the laugh track. Perhaps you're acquainted with that old Japanese crime drama Woody Allen changed the words on and made it into a comedy. What's Up Tiger Lily?..... Now that was funny stuff. But this Hollow Point had none of that magic. Perhaps it was meant to be serious. A grim crime tragedy (maybe) about Mexican cartel guns, leaving or coming home or needing to leave that dead-end small town.. Or was it corruption in small town America?

I honestly couldn't tell you. But by the end of the movie you think it may actually be a comedy. A comedy hiding behind unrealistic premises in the brief gloom of an impossible plot so full of holes it made the German battleship, Bismarck, look better than a royal Caribbean cruise liner off Key West. Yes Florida. That statement has more logic than giving each movie character a total lack of good judgment. In other words, NOT doing things like we would do. Us......the public.

I read that Timothy Olyphant was to play the lead role but backed out. Assuming that he took a few minutes to view this screen gem, he must have been thanking his lucky stars ole Patrick Wilson landed the role. Oh yes....yup....he was pleased. One final hollow point, by the end of the movie I began drifting off.....(you know, watching but thinking about something else)......wondering if I had made the right choice. At first I thought about shaving, but then I thought...hell, tomorrows Sunday. It's OK. Then it hit me, did I make the right choice? The right choice in forking over seven dollars and ninety nine cents for this masterpiece instead of watching The Property Brothers on HGTV.

At least that show has a point..

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