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The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire 2000 full movie online free

Littlefoot and his pals set off in search of a "stone of cold fire" that fell from the night sky. Since he's the only one who has seen it though, nobody really believes him. Littlefoot's uncle Pterano offers support only because he thinks the stone has secret powers and wants it for himself but conceals this from the rest. The young dinos must figure out the truth, before Pterano gets the power.


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Release: Dec 05, 2000

IMDb: 5.9

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The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire full movie review - I hate Land Before Time haters!!!!!!!!

Some people are just dumb enough to say that movie is crap without actually watching it. When I was 11 I saw the first sequel o LBT The Great valley adventure,and found it far not as good as the first movie, in fact I didn't actually like it, maybe just a bit.

Then I didn't see LBT anywhere until 2007, when I got unlimited internet connection and finally got a chance to know about all things I missed during my childhood, I found one of LBT songs from LBT 13 and found it very cute, because of Petrie's singing there.I was impressed by amount of these movies, I thought they should be more successful than 2-nd movie of there are so much of them and decided to download all movies. Well I just made myself watch Great valley adventure, to so to say remember LBT characters and storyline. Then LBT 3 and it was a bit better, but still drawn worse than first movie and worse overall of I watched all sequels 4-6 and got used to it's stile-not amazing, but good to remember childhood.But when I watched The Stone of Cold Fire, I felt something changed, strong dialogues, Great-drawn Amazing storyline, They DON'T "meet new friends" and other nonsense some of LBT haters say they only met 3 villains and 2 friendly aliens, researching the main characters doing miraculous things like teleporting and other mystic stuff, this whole movie is filled with mystery, and meanwhile it doesn't go far from the main storyline, This movie is totally different from previous 6 as a new Millennium it's quality is much better and continues improving with later sequels. I really enjoyed this movie ,and it's actually looking as the second movie of LBT deserving for Family rating, Everyone Young and old will most likely love it.2 of 3 songs in The Stone of CF are not childish, they are just great, every word is catching, maybe because adults sing them.Also a Science fiction storyline is extremely rare for childish cartoons and realistic once( reminds me show LOST where all begins realistic and them and then goes to science fiction with time traveling) and revealing aliens at the end just blew my mind! This movie has an excellent stile, especially Pterano's personality, and his voice(Michael York did great job), SOCF is also tougher than the other onces, and at the same time it brings good moralities, where can bad leadership bring to, and that some people who seem bad have heart too, they are just confused like Pterano. I'm also glad there were SciFi instead of magic, if This stone was magical it would ruin the whole LBT universe Every time I re-watch this movie I more realize how great it is, it isn't silly as any previous sequel.Also the soundtrack is amazing.

Some people think it would rather better to make a series instead of movies, my question to you ARE YOU SICK?? You really think that low quality 20-min time limited episodes would do anything good?? Sooo in 2007 a lame cartoon series of LBT released, drawn with low quality, repeating songs, silly story lines, dialogues, can't say it is worse than The Great valley Adventure, but most of episodes a really not so good, they are just childish and not for the whole family to watch, just made for kids,and for Little kids.

About other Sequels, I think The Stone of Cold fire made a new level for the sequels, made them not only for children(who definitely like them)but for the whole family again, almost as it was with the first movie, which is the best for all times, but if there were no sequels I'd rather live sadder, most of LBT sequels brought much happiness in my life, and NO other cartoon is even close to it's greatness.

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