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The Perfect Weapon 2016 full movie online free

In a not too distant future, a totalitarian state run by ‘The Director” (Seagal) controls all aspects of life. All enemies of the state are dealt in the harshest way. Most of them are executed by the secret government’s assassins. The best operative is code-named “Condor” (Messner) – an elite agent and hit man for the government. However, in his latest assignment, “Condor” fails to kill an opposition leader, and finds himself on the run from the very same government agency that he works for. This sets in motion a chain of events with unforseen consequences for all involved.


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Release: Sep 09, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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The Perfect Weapon full movie review - Not A Perfect Action Movie With Steven Seagal but still worth watching

Steven Seagal Sometimes in his new least action movies sometimes he is just cameo in movie. he is not lead role in movies sometimes he is not really Part of it i mean he is not Part of movie he is in it.

but not in at all he did only some action in movie i thought it was OK action scenes of him but lead actor (Johnny Messner)was in Anacondas,Tears of Sun.Johnny Messner who plays Hit-man getting contact to kill people i liked action scenes I Liked Actors in movie not just Steven Seagal I Mean we all love him but I wish if he was lead role for fans but no its director film Titus Paar decides to get Johnny Messner as lead role he is good actor i didn't think he is terrible but could of got Seagal as lead role instead. Pilot and story i like all twist there is a very good twist that you wont expect at all but there is not Punching holes in movie or confusing staff in it. Story Follows in America 2045 In the not so distant future, society is controlled by the powerful State and a dictator (Steven Seagal)plays like a King or like Dictator character known as the Director. Condor (Johnny Messner)hes memory is erased meaning he doesn't Really remember what happened on past. he got contact to Kill People he Kills a lot of people as i said he is playing Hit-man Agent 47 but expect he doesn't have a Barcode on his back of his head,(Richard Tyson) Controller he is Giving Contacts To Kill People Is Giving Orders to Condor because they say he is Best Hit-man to hire he has connections with Director, Condor had order to kill woman she is Revenant he didn't Kill Her Because It Kinda Reminded of his Past Loved One so he didn't kill her at all. Controller had a meeting with Director saying make him as Perfect Weapon Make Him Into A Killing Machine Powerful Then He Was Before. So They Kidnapped him putting him into some room he wakes up, he found Nina he's loved one that he thought she was already killed but she was cloned again. they go together again, Con has loved one in past Nina (Sasha Jackson) thought He killed her but soon happens something else Happens Condor is memory erased that they stole his memory and steal it, it solved everything like it never happened but soon he found out from Nina he is going out there to take out director but he is not really bad guy well kinda, but he is not really main villain in movie. i really love the great twist in movie pilot that you might think it is going to That Direction But It's Not Same Cliché as what you might think it is but i never want to spoil film it has a lot of great fight scenes well done made there is no fake action scenes or Explosions like code of honor bull crap, Johnny Messner kicked ass in movie specially a lot of combat fighting scenes in movie and a lot of shooting in movie and Condor getting his ass kicked buy director Steven Seagal scene witch i think scene did well no cut to cut crap. Steven Seagal the only thing i got to say is he talks in movie but doesn't do any big things like he is lead role if he is then he should be doing something in film but he is not lead role, i love idea of scene of movie that you will be like WTF scene where he was talking about in story before Condor became the Perfect Weapon, there was someone else like him but different guy, guy is bold wearing same suit like lead character, Steven Seagal kicks him buy a kill, then you see Young looking Steven Seagal look on his face CGI looks like younger like in his early 90s where he did a lot great films like i am talking about like Paul Walker CGI in Fast 7 but expect this Young Looking Steven Seagal is not best CGI but still did a great job on it and a lot of work but expect it's like 1 or 5 million dollar budget movie not biggest budget

but the thing is lead role of movie but Dolph Lundgren was going to be Condor i think he would be better then Johnny Messner Lundgren does anything better in movies it would be Lundgren VS Seagal it's not really Steven Seagal movie but i don't understand why it stars off but i all i understand because he was very popular actor doing great movies way back of days in early 90's. it's mostly he is in it for 5 or 10 minute not in all movie. the plot and twist is so good keeps on watching in a very low budget style but i wish they could of give more Seagal to do in movie i would like to see that happen in movie. but i don't understand why is cast lead role star's off in poster but in trailers and when you see movie he not lead role it's someone part of movie, but still worth watching movie it's Not Because Seagal And Action It Does Have Style of Action And Story Like Hit-man Agent 47 And Jason Bourne Style of story but it's not a biggest rip off it has noting do with Jeff Speakman Perfect Weapon (1991)i would say 6.10 not best movie to see with Seagal but you still get to see him in action but as lead role in movie is Johnny Messner but still see Seagal in movie but didn't do anything in movie. action is fun and not to be missed ending there is credits scene of ending of movie that you won't at all still worth watching movie 6.10

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