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The Wolfpack 2015 full movie online free

Locked away from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Angulo brothers learn about the outside world through the films that they watch. Nicknamed ‘The Wolfpack’, the brothers spend their childhood reenacting their favorite films using elaborate home-made props and costumes. Their world is shaken up when one of the brothers escapes and everything changes.


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Release: Jun 12, 2015

IMDb: 6.9

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The Wolfpack full movie review - Does Contain Spoilers! Full of Doubts

I gave it a 1 star due to believing the filmmaker and the brothers are lying through the film to make us believe their made up story just to get them all to Sundance.

I just can't believe that a family with 7 children were locked away in an apartment for 14 years by a father, who is supposed to be the villain but comes off as more of a sad figure, and somehow one of them escapes when the father goes off grocery shopping and no one gets arrested but the son who is dressed like a horror movie figure and walks into a bank of all places. He never states how he escapes, just said he walked out the front door, but if you believe all the stories in their interviews, because the filmmaker doesn't touch on this, the father had the only key and LOCKED the front door every time he left the apartment locking his family in. So how did this boy walk out the front door? They soon all followed suit, but how? Very frustrating to watch a movie that the whole plot revolved around his escape and they never touched on how he actually did it, just kept saying "so then I walked out and kept walking". Yes, but how, your father had the only key and locked you in, remember? Did you bust the lock, did you pull a Mark DeFriest and fashion a key out of a cereal box, what? Our only deduction was in fact, the door was unlocked and he walked out with the mask on to see what kind of reaction he could get, especially walking into a bank, especially if he watched Quentin Tarantino movies and that the father never locked them in the apartment when he left.

I think this film was more hype, she had a great publicist, they told their "story" to the press before Sundance so it generated a lot of interest and then they became instant celebrities, which is what they always wanted out of this.

I also couldn't help but notice one of the brothers is conveniently missing from all of this but they never talk about why. I get the feeling he has morals and doesn't want to be apart of this scam because it's starting to tug at people's heart strings but that is just my guess, until he speaks, we'll never know.

None of them can keep their stories straight and that's bothersome for me. In their interviews, Crystal tells of being welcomed by Oscar, the dad, into their home with open arms, yet she was a "stranger" and these kids were being locked away. How is that possible? No arrests were made another bother, the mother not coming into question, another bother when she was the only one collecting welfare, Social Security and Homeschool Checks. There's also the question about the Twin Towers being in their footage, the graininess of the footage, the "fangan forest" scene. I could go on. So many inconsistencies and questions about this so called documentary that I just couldn't in good conscience recommend it to anyone as a documentary, but perhaps when you're bored and want to know what the hype is about so you can find all the Easter Eggs and or come to your own conclusion.

I will say this, the boys were charming, but they came off as actors so they were very likable. That's the only good thing I can say about this film.

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