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Visions 2015 full movie online free

After moving to a vineyard with her family, a pregnant woman experiences horrifying visions.


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Release: Aug 28, 2015

IMDb: 5.7

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Visions full movie review - Average... Nothing awful, nothing really that great either... Bu-ray: Excellent A:9 V:10

I was really surprised to see that this director was the same one who directed 'JESSABELLE' I really liked that movie a lot. I felt that it had a LOT of atmosphere and mood, and also the acting in it was very strong.

However, in this film... well... like I said in my Summary, nothing really to get too worked up about. The look of the film was quite nice. The cinematography was done very well I thought. ONE thing though, and I know that I have mentioned this numerous times in my reviews here. But, the one thing that really annoyed me, although not quite as horribly as in many other films, was the damn Sound Design. I don't know WHAT the hell it is with these movie makers, especially right after making a very good film like 'JESSABELLE', but, and I KNOW this is more of a personal thing that particularly gets to me, but I really hate it when EVERY sound is amplified so unnaturally, it honestly just takes me right out of the film.

For example, she is walking OUTSIDE and the audience's perspective is at least a few hundred yards away, and yet you hear her 'Clop, Clop, Clop' of EVERY step like you were in the front row of a show watching Dutch dancers on a wooden floor with heavy wooden shoes! And, she is frigg'n OUTSIDE for God's sake! Sorry... stuff like that REALLY annoys me to no end and I truly do NOT understand why they continue to do that since it is clearly noticeable and completely avoidable. Oh well... maybe that wouldn't bother a lot of other people, but when EVERY little sound is so exaggerated, like wine being poured into a glass 50 feet away sounding like it is right next to your ear, stuff like that, it is just SO distracting, for me personally anyway, if it happens a lot during the movie.

Anyway, getting back more to what MOST people would find important, I would hope... :) I don't know... there was just not really much to this film. I THINK one of the main things missing was that you just simply didn't care about the people at all. You are not involved in any way with the characters, so it's like you really just don't care very much about what is happening. What's funny too, is that if my understanding is correct, the lead actress in this film is supposed to be quite good. Whereas, in 'JESSABELLE' the actress there I don't think was as experienced. However, in my lowly and wretched opinion, I REALLY felt that the actress in 'JESSABELLE' completely blew away the performance by the woman in this film. She is the same actress that, to me anyway, COMPLETELY blew me away in the recent film 'PREDESTINATION' I mean, 'HOLY CRAP ON A STICK!' did you see that...?!!! WOW, talk about the performance of the century! But... in this movie, none of the people seems very real. I mean, the acting was not ABYSMAL like it usually is in a lot of low budget Horror films, but it just was kind of Blah...

Heh..., the film is probably not really worth writing all this stuff about, but I just tried to watch it and I thought I'd come here and just toss out my lowly impressions of the movie if it would be of any help.

Bottom line is that is isn't awful and it isn't great. Like other reviewers have stated here, it's 'Okay' to kill about 80 minutes, but you never really feel like very much is happening.

I hope this helps...

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