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War on Everyone 2016 full movie online free

Two corrupt cops in New Mexico set out to blackmail and frame every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path. Things take a sinister turn, however, when they try to intimidate someone who is more dangerous than they are. Or is he?


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Release: Feb 12, 2016

IMDb: 8.0

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War on Everyone full movie review - F*ck the Police

Nobody's perfect, not even the police, especially not corrupt cops Terry Monroe and Bob Bolano.

War on Everyone is a black comedy that follows the illegal methods these two officers of the law undertake in order to solve the case of the missing heist money... And then to keep it for themselves. It's an interesting premise matched by an interesting pairing of actors in Michael Pena and Alexander Skarsgard... But the execution doesn't match up to either.

I should probably start with the best thing about this film, and that is the underlying theme and message about police brutality and discrimination. The best jokes in the film are centred around this theme and the controversial lines and/or moments really bring home this message. Although yes, they do use police brutality, racism and discrimination as the butt of a joke, BUT, its done in such a way that isn't going out its way to be offensive just for laughs, its also making a statement about the American police force. It is the political charge of these jokes that often are stronger than the joke itself making it more thought provoking than funny.

Talking about the humour of the film I'm going to blunt. This film just isn't funny enough. There are many scenes played for comedic value that completely fail and some that actually confused me as to what the aim was with the scene. The film does however have some moments that are somewhat funny like, SPOILER ALERT, Finding Reggie in Iceland and the occasional moment where Bolano and Monroe forget they are cops. Overall as a comedy this film completely fails in every way.

This is an odd film, each scene seems to be followed by a completely different and seemingly irrelevant scene. Around 45 minutes into the film I actually had someone turn to me and ask what the point of this film was, and to be honest I didn't know. The completely different and slightly random sequence of scenes throughout the film feels rather disconnected and so I was disconnected from the film. Although there is a story, it basically is simmering underneath the surface for the majority of this film it seems. To be fair the story picks up more as the film continues but this unconventional narrative structure is a little off putting.

One thing I noticed after leaving the movie theatre was the lack of development in this film. Spoiler Alert, we never really find out why Bob and Terry are so anti everyone and everything and we don't really get to know their characters. We know Bob has a family and Terry is alone but slowly develops one. There isn't that much development anywhere in this film besides Terry's family situation and his little monologue after being blindfolded and kidnapped. I'm still left wondering who Bob Bolano and Terry Monroe are and what were their motivations for being the way they were?

By the end their motivations change to an understandable one which offers a glimmer of humanity into our protagonists which I felt was a nice touch. The juvenile ass holes turn into emotionally motivated vigilantes for a moment. Although executed rather suddenly I did like the fact there was some humanity and good will in them somewhere.

Overall, War on Everyone fails as a comedy but is an OK drama about two corrupt cops being corrupt. The message was nice and clear and utilised in jokes in clever way. Sadly it isn't funny enough to warrant even one laugh and the film feels simple pointless for some time. But the film eventually finds its feet and picks up getting gradually better. I don't know whether or not to recommend War on Everyone so I'll just say this, if you want a conventional buddy cop movie then this isn't for you, but if you are looking for something a little different and weird then grab you popcorn and press play.

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